[UPDATE] After my meeting with this company they said YES to signing up with Steemit! ( 18 new people incl. THE CEO ! )

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So referring back to my previous post I accomplished what I think is AWESOME!

I had a meeting with one of my clients ( they have me on retainer ) & told them about Steemit, the community ( Yes YOU GUYS ), how it works etc and they agreed! 18 people including the CEO !

Trust me, I wasn't expecting such a "big crowd". But once I got going, talking and getting more excited WHILE talking to them, I was like, "Let's get everyone in on this".

CEO was very attentive and listened to my explanations and kept nodding his head. It's a small company but hey it's a start! I for one am very excited. They would like to promote their business on Steemit as well so will most probably create an account dedicated to promotions and specials etc. ( I'll help him with that ).

The other users will obviously create their own profiles. Here in Africa internet is considered a luxury, so I'm impressed with myself convincing them! lol

So yea, I was nervous but I pulled it off man! So amped!

An YOU can do it too ! I just used the Facebook comparison mostly and MY experience with the platform. It wasn't that hard.

So go out and do it! It's an awesome feeling man! Awesome feeling! Whooo-hoooo !

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Great job man! Maybe you can bring them to class? :P


They don't even know what Discord is. lol

Hey, I should TELL them! Oh yea!

Thx for the kind words my man!


I don't want to sound daft but what class is this? I am still fairly new here. :-)
I am on discord already.

Woohoo! Awesome! Let us know when they join so we can support!


Damn straight yo! :)

Well done. What kind of business is it?


Thank you! :-)

They do flooring.

That's awesome news! Great job - onward and upwards :)


Thank you so much Sir! :-)

Cool . . .


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hahahahaha I know right!

SO G!! lol

Respect man. You have done a great job.


My friend, that means so much to me.

Thank you!

This is epic. Love it


Thank you so much! Yea, I'm so happy :)

Congratulations! That is really awsome, keep up the good work! Resteemed upvoted & followed :)


Wow, just WOW!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much!

I hope they would look into steeming soon butt not expect anything big real soon tho.


Yea, I'll try and keep 'em interested :)