Where did all the magic go?

in #life4 years ago


//The fact that I could one day look at the world,
and see no magic remaining scares me;
But the chance that I could realise that it's my life,
that is devoid of magic, puts my knees on the ground.
I'm petrified of dying without knowing the feeling of butterflies in my stomach and Goosebumps on my hand,
The way my body feels pumped with adrenaline.
I think the problem is that people sometimes focus too hard on the things they could be missing out on,
That they miss out on everything they're afraid of losing.
Maybe I should let go, but then again;
I don't know what scares me most.
Letting go and ending up losing all stability I could have,
Or not letting go and going through the rest of my life filled with regret, always wondering, "what if?"
I guess adventures come at a heavy price too, like everything else in this world.
~S.C //

Hey guys!
The photo is shot on the one plus 5T.
ISO 500 Focal length 4.10 mm Shutter speed f/1.7 exposure time 1/100.
Hope you guys like it!
Have it a beautiful day guys! ❤️


Nice one, pls keep it up. Please check out my poem [ups and downs (https://steemit.com/poetry/@sapient1/ups-and-downs)]

fantastic words and awesome photo @i6withyourmumii stay blessed

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