Offshore: Surfing Newcastle in Autumn

in life •  6 months ago

About the Film

I was inspired to make this film by Kim Churchill's song "Whole Entire", if you haven't heard of his music make sure you check him out! Kim's music tells stories and takes listeners on a lyrical and musical journey, and I've tried to do it justice by capturing these morning scenes at my local surf break.

Shot over a week of beautiful Autumn offshore conditions in Newcastle, around Dixon Park, Bar Beach and Merewether.

This is my first foray into short film production, hope you all enjoy it! Leave me some feedback and let me know what you think :)

About Me

Check out the rest of my work on my instagram at

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I love your film. Sitting and watching it with the perfect music is so tranquil and relaxing. My favorites shots are when you can see wave after wave rolling in before any of them break - sort of like small moving mountain ranges of water.

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