Sportbike Ride Through Farm Country

in life •  29 days ago

Today's ride took us through many rural farm properties. The white fences along both sides of the road are keeping horses, cows, sheep and goats from straying out into the road. We always keep a special lookout for animals when we see the white fences. No music in the following video so you can enjoy the melodious tones from a 1000cc sportbike engine.

The red gear indicator is to the left of the speedometer. This bike can do more than 100 mph in first gear so you could just leave it there and ride like it is an automatic transmission. Selecting higher gears does get your speed up but is more to tone down the acceleration and hard pull in first gear. It smooths out the ride in higher gears. This bike has 6 gears and the top speed is over 200 mph or 299 km/hr. The speedo only goes to 199m or 299k but the bike will do 10 or 20 mph past that. When you let off the gas, this bike slows down faster than a car can brake because there is no heavy metal mass to continue momentum. Sportbike riders have to not slow too fast in front of a car or they will run over you. Thanks for watching and enjoy your ride!

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Wow, those are some curves! I think I'm gonna be sick now! LOL

Looked like the rider in front got a little loose there for a moment. Thanks for all the vids.


Follow my leader. Great fun. ;o)

That was through the country? It must take forever to get anywhere with all those curves, lol

Those are some wicked turns. I guess the rear bike has the advantage of seeing how the lead bike leans.

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