Sportbike Ride Through Apple Farms

in life •  3 months ago 

This video travels through many rural farm properties with brown fences to keep those apples contained. We take this route quite often for the reward in the middle of the ride. We are going for the fresh homemade apple pie sold in the small cafes in this area. Please enjoy the following video of our pie run.

Please excuse the shakiness in this video due to using double extenders on the gopro gas tank mount. We also later discovered that putting one layer of electrical tape on the gopro mount slides makes it tighter and acts as a vibration dampener to really smooth out the videos. We are learning and improving all the time. Thanks for watching and enjoy your ride!

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Is it me, or was this a much faster drive than the ones before?


It got faster after another rider started leading at 2:30. It is follow the leader. Some of the guys know the roads and turns so well they could ride blindfolded. They ride fast if it isn't a beginner ride.

Nice to have that many routes around you. Each one looks as nice as the other!


There are hundreds of old rural curvy roads through the hills that car traffic stays away from cause of the slow pace. They stay on the freeways so the sportbikes can run the curves.

Feels like I'm watching a video game! Makes me want to grab a joystick and try to follow the "ideal line".


My son has the MotoGP video game for doing just that. Playing a video game doesn't really compare with riding the real thing.

Oh yeah! Kickin' Ass!


Always doing that. You should give motorcycles a try cause seems you would enjoy it.

I like apples!

And motorbikes.


Well you are on the right blog then cause this one had both apples and motorbikes!

Oye! Primera vez que veo un vídeo de este estilo, me encanto, parecía como si fuera yo la que estuviera manejando! Me recordó mucho cuando era pequeña y jugaba con los vídeos juegos en las competencia de moto. Tienes una nueva seguidora


Glad you enjoyed it. Please check out my other blog posts as they are similar. Thanks for the follow.

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