Sportbike Ride then Dead Battery

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This ride started out fine and everything as normal until the very end. The straighter roads let the speed come up and at 4:30 they were doing high 90s or even a 100. Everything was fine until the end of the ride when the group was continuing straight and my son was turning left to break off and head home as his bike wasn't running quite right. He was very lucky to make it to a town and not stuck on open highway. His ride ended in a push-walk as shown in the following video.

I like the part at the end when he has to say 'Excuse me!' to get the lady to move out of the way on the sidewalk. You can't exactly lift the bike to slide it sideways so she wouldn't have to move. Coming through, lady! He called me and I brought the truck to pick him and the bike up. One of his stator coils had burned open and the battery was no longer being charged. Replacing the stator fixed the issue. Running high RPMs for long periods of time like they do riding twisties causes the stator coils to overheat. If you ride normally then you usually won't see this problem. It is an extra expense for having fun, 😃. Thanks for watching and enjoy your ride!


Can't believe that lady just stood there and wouldn't move! Wan't like the bike was running!

Yeah he could only push straight up the small driveway for disabled that she was in front of. She saw him coming too. 😃

Get yourself an old BSA victor, one with the magneto. Battery? We don't need no stink'n battery! LOL

That old BSA 441cc only had 28 horsepower where these bikes are 160+hp so not even close, hahaha. It is the style of electrical regulation that helps cause the problem too. All new modern bikes have this issue.

Plus one for a Beezer and magnetos.

ETA: I learned to ride on a Bantam. God, I'm old.

Codge you may be old but you are younger than me. I am still riding 1000cc liter bikes so get yourself one this summer. 🏍 😃

Dead battery? I know someone who can help. Wow, this one is tailor-made, let the jokes commence!

Nope, nope and nope but he can do what he wants on his own non running vehicles.

This is a job for...

Bedini Weenie ;o)

Codge, many problems with Bedini Weenie cause they only desulfate and don't charge a battery. The Bedini Weenie is to big to fit but we know someone that would try.

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