Sportbike Ride Heading Home Early

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This video is on a 04 black Kawasaki zx10r as I head home after riding with my son. My son will usually do 250 to 300 miles riding the twisty roads on a Saturday or Sunday. Many weekends he does more than 500 miles in 2 days. This is a bit much for old Dad so I break off early and head home alone. I let the young ones play all day as they wish. I have gotten a call to bring my silverado truck to pickup a downed rider late in the afternoon. Please enjoy this video of old Dad heading back home.

We have helped many of the meetup groups riders by picking them up when they crashed or broken down. Most of the time my son repairs what is wrong with their bike and they can pick it up running from our house. My son earned all his spending money through college by wrenching on friends bikes. He was charging them about 50% of what a shop would. It was win-win for both sides. I taught him how to do most of the tasks but very quickly he was way better than me at all the tasks. Sportbikes need a valve adjust every 15,000 miles and costs $500 to $600. My son did them for $300 and was a main source of his income. He spent all his wrenching income on helmets, new leathers, bike upgrades. He worked for all the nice gear he has. As always, enjoy the ride!


Seen a guy riding a three wheeler in town today. Funny vid I hope on my dash cam. He was going slow because he didn't want his wheels splashing him. then a boat load of people started passing him and sprayed him

Hahahahaha! Fenders do work so it pays to have them. If it is rainy or wet roads all vehicles kick up a spray and soak a cyclist. I prefer to stay dry but my son rides wet or dry as he doesn't care.

Not a rider myself but looks like a great time.

Oh it is a great time fastcat351c. You should try it by getting a Kawasaki Ninja 300 to start on. It has limited power (slightly more than a car) and won't wheelie or loop if you screw up on the throttle like a 1000 or 'liter' bike will. They get about 70mpg so run all day on 2 gallons of gas. Then when you are ready, move up to a bigger engine and more power. The fun is there no matter what size engine you have.

This makes for great viewing especially now with the weather being cold and snowing.

That is what I love about being so far south with no snow at all and year round riding. If I want to see snow, I know where it is but so far I haven't gone for a visit. This year has been more rainy than usual but really nice otherwise.

Can't agree more! Will be at least two more months before it's warmed up enough here to ride.

Make plans for a May 5th cinco de mayo ride. Get your grease monkey to get both bikes ready for the big day and ride. Isn't it nice to have a personal grease monkey to get your bike ready?

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