Spirited Ride on a Sunny Weekend

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Bright sun after a long period of overcast skies brings out the beast in most riders. This video clip begins in 4th gear at medium to high rpms so is not good to show triple digit speeds. My son was feeling good this day cause ole Dad did not stand a chance of keeping up with junior. Enjoy his fun in the following video.

He enjoys showing off and leaving me behind on occaison. Like every damn ride I am left in the back with the stragglers and he thinks it is funny. Well 'Ha ha ha' junior but really I enjoy it because he does. Frequently the riders in front will stop for a regroup and let the tail catch up to the head. I am glad to join my son doing something he enjoys greatly in spite of our age difference. Thanks for watching and coming along for our ride!


What's up with hiding the speed? LOL Looks like it was a great ride. Might be sunny and warm but you all don't have anything green.

I promise that my next blog video will show the speedometer just for you. I will throw in some green bushes too!

Human powered cycles are more my style

I like bicycles too. I would like to try an e-bike so the motor could assist on uphill climbs and keep the speed up.

never been on a motorcycle before...

You could try a three wheel motorcycle, lol

My daughter that knits really wants a trike or Can-Am. She almost bought one last year.

You should give it a try this summer. Maybe Addie would ride one too. You can rent them for about $100 a day from shops. You may find much cheaper rentals on craigslist for half that at $50 a day or less. A Honda, Yamaha or Kawasaki 300 would be good for new riders as the power is limited to keep you safer. A 300 can keep up with any car so is not slow at all. Put it on your bucket list.

addie would never be caught dead on one. im not that interested in riding either way. but it does look fun.

You would be surprised the way people change their minds after trying something. My exwife hated guns but started going to shooting ranges. I didn't have anything to do with it but her girlfriend took her shooting once. She has her own handgun and goes shooting by herself now. My oldest daughter loves scuba diving and sky diving but I haven't tried those yet. You should look at adventure motorcycles as they get you way out in the woods and are camping vehicles.

ride lots of bicycles across the country and will be riding across michigan this summer...

I had a second thought for you and Addie to take a learn to ride a motorcycle class this summer. Northern MI university has a safety class. Here is a link https://training.msf-usa.org/res/street/enroll/sites.aspx?ctgd=KQR6IAigfbpepns%2FZENM7A%3D%3D&zc=djOiSBBckucfMXAOQGjj%2bg%3d%3d

Just take a learn to ride class and the bikes are included so don't have to rent. Usually the classes are around $250 but the MI fees are really low. After completing the class, you get a waiver for part of the motorcycle test for getting the CY endorsement on your drivers license. They usually train in big parking lots. Every US state has some sort of training,learn to ride and/or safety classes available. This is skiing only in the summer.

More info, FEE is $50 so is great deal. here is link https://www.nmu.edu/continuingeducation/node/71
😃 🏍 😃


Another great ride man. Luckily no dog on the road like last time.

How many sunny days you have a year? I only see video's with blue skies. I should move there, hahaha.

Smasssh it is blue skies about 340 days a year. We get 3 weeks of overcast rainy weather a year and the rest is sunny blue skies. People are here for the weather. We can sportbike entire year here.

I envy you. Over here it's not the opposite, but still a decent raincoat and umbrella are not an unnecessary luxury.

It is nice to not deal with weather here so more free time for playing. There are many people here that don't know to slow down when it rains and is wet and slippery. First day of rain and many wrecks and crashes here. Hahahahaha!

Excited to finally get my little z125 on the road. Only issue is modifying the bike rack... Looks like I'll have to go that soon!

One day I'll get a dual sport and do through the woods.

Not so big on roads that got traffic. Hate nearly getting killed on a bike. And seems like way too many people don't see bikes at all.

Ride safe and yeah hide any speed! No tickets if there isn't evidence.

Love it!

I will post another one soon that shows the speed. On the road you have to ride defensively and make sure you are seen. You ride like no one sees you and stay out of everyones way. Dual sports are lots of fun in dirt or the woods. Even the ones called 'adventure bikes' that have metal saddle bags for camping gear and are built very tough.

That's why I'm not dead! Whew! Yeah totally had a soccer mom apologize. She was excitable to say the least but actually bought me dinner I think.

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Thanks, Jessie! My son has a good time. He usually stays out riding both Sat and Sun for more than 12 hours each day. He does 5-600 miles on a weekend. He put 40,000 miles on the green bike in 2.5 years so I guess he likes to ride.

Exhilarating! So much wide open space to ride.

All of the best riding is on old rural twisty curvy roads not traveled by cars because the pace is to slow.

Waiting to get my ass on a Harley! WhooHoo!

I have ridden a few Harleys but prefer the sportbikes cause they are way, way faster. Heavier bikes are better in heavy winds but that is what makes them slower by being heavy. Anything with 2 wheels is good for me. Lots of different types of motorcycles to ride. I would like to try an 'adventure motorcycle' and go bike camping for a few days. Doc would love to do that.

Thanks mango-juice! They are super fun to ride and I have a big grin the entire ride.

Nice Mo ped

They are speedy mo peds. They do more than 100mph in first gear with 5 more gears. Top speed is about 200mph. Zero to 60 is about 3 seconds. The acceleration is R E A L and once felt you want to do it again and again. 😃