Pay Attention on a Sportbike Ride

in life •  4 months ago 

Intense concentration is required to safely share the road riding a sportbike. Numerous obstacles present themselves and must be dealt with quickly. When traveling at twice the normal speeds, you have half the time to react. Ride along with my son as he travels rural twisty curvy roads.

There was a dog in the middle of the road at 1:27 if you missed him. No one wants to injure a lovable curious dog but the danger presented to the cyclist could be deadly after impacting the dog. Never ride faster than your brain works. If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information coming in then you probably are overwhelmed and should slow down. There were also bicyclists on the left side of the road in several places. With snow in so many places, I hope you enjoyed a sunny day ride with my son.

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He was lucky that dog showed up before, and not after the bend.
Nice ride.


Yes he was very lucky. Many times that is all you have on your side. Poor dog didn't know he was standing in the wrong place and what was coming for him.

Very fortunate not to be meeting that dog on the curve facing into the sun. Still an exciting ride. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for watching bladefire239! He was lucky to see the dog in time to swerve around him. It was good for the curious dog too. Those close calls give you a butt pucker every time, lol.

Yikes about the dog! We had a route that we took and we knew where a dog was that laid in the ditch along the property line. He would shoot out in different places just to bark at us. First few times scared us, until we saw he really never came out in the road. It looks so nice and WARM there!


Yeah, dogs are a scary unknown as many will run right into you trying to bite the noise. As a teenager, my brother and I had trouble with 2 big white Samoyeds that chased us as we tried to exit our neighborhood. The owner was one of our small town's cops and his dogs were always free in his front yard. We complained many times. After a few months of being chased we whopped them with broomsticks when they chased. They stopped chasing us. If you walked by they ignored you but moving fast made you 'prey'.

And that is why I have a fully fenced back yard and a doggy door to the house.


I have the same for my dogs. That's how you keep them safe cause they don't know any better than to stand in the middle of a road.

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