Black Bike Fun on the Playground

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This is my 2004 Kawasaki zx10r black bike on a fun ride on the playground. My bike has a blue gear indicator shown in second gear for this whole video. You could ride all day in second and never change gears due to the incredible power range of the engine. It would be like having an automatic transmission but you would still use the clutch from a standing stop. To the right of the speedometer is a black sock coozie over the front brake plastic master cylinder to save the plastic from uv sun damage. You can see what the sun has done to the sock coozie. Here is a video of my black bike.

The camera is mounted on the gas tank with a good view of the speedometer and front view through the windshield. You can clearly see how quickly the speed changes, rises and falls due to massive engine power of a sportbike. The gas tank mount was only used for a few videos as it isn't good to show your speedometer all the time. This is shown in the following picture from the video.


Clearly we were riding Mexican roads as we would never be speeding in the US. We moved the camera mount to a different location to not look through a scratched wind screen or show the speedometer because it is just safer that way. This was just an easy ride on a sportbike, not pushing hard or being agressive at all, else the speeds would have been much higher. As always, Enjoy the ride!


Happy Valentine's day @hunnybadger!

wish you a more lovely life ahead!

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Thank you mango-juice. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.


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Back in the early 80’s, I took our Sony betacam and mounted in the tank bag on my cycle and recorded a ride.

You think I can find that recording?
Wish I had it.
Buddy riding with had the Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica.

I must have recorded over it by accident.
Oh well.

One of the original 11 or 12 Eddie Lawson bikes was being sold by the Canadian owner on ebay 6 months ago. June 2018 at a media event in Malibu CA, Kawasaki gave Eddie Lawson a new Z900RS Cafe. You sure love the ELR replica. I still have my 1976 KZ900 and my brothers 1978 KZ1000 but to me they are old bikes. My KZ900 runs fine as I finally got a plugged carb passage cleaned a few years ago.

I speed all the time in the US.... What's the problem? LOL. I have several feet of snow on the ground and you torture me with a motorcycle video! Off with your head!

A lot of sportbikers have gotten their bikes impounded, tickets and arrested for what they have shown in a video and that is not very lol. Mostly was the videos where the guy did 150mph+ in and out of traffic on the freeway for miles and miles. You could move to where it doesn't snow but that is just a hint, lol.

Thanks for the free ride (in very nice weather so it seems).

Weather is like this almost all the time. We can ride all year here and never have to put the bikes up for winter.

Lucky you. Here in the Netherlands winter now. Have to wait 2 or 3 months if lucky.

It is actually better riding weather during the winter here as not so hot but can get chilly sometimes due to wind chill. We must keep moving for wind cooling during the summer time. I almost passed out one time during the summer just walking from my bike to the front door of walmart with a heavy leather jacket on. I always take it off at the bike and just drape it over my shoulders now.


Exactly, bladefire239. Puts a big smile on your face after every ride. My cheek muscles hurt from the ear to ear grin.

Took my z125 out in the snow and ice... I'm amazed I survived! Love that little bike.

And wish I had warm weather as I'd be out and rocking things hard.

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That is great that you got out in the snow and had a fine ride. Warm weather will be with you soon so you can go flog that z125.

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