I'm Not Crazy, I've Just Chosen Not To Live In Denial: Response To Comments

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The Truth Is Not Hiding

I've heard it so many times. "We can't know truth". "No one has the truth". "Truth is relative". Etc, etc, etc. I've heard it all. It sounds good but all those statements collapse on themselves for a number of reasons that I will likely share in a later post. However my point in posting "I'm Not Crazy, I've Just Chosen Not To Live In Denial" is partially one of tackling the truth argument as well as discussing the worldwide problem of evil. Mainly we have continued to try to solve evil but our attempts have fallen short. Here is my response to comments made about this very topic of evil and choosing not to live in denial of the answer to the solution of evil. 

My heart goes out to the world. I care about people. Point blank period. I'm just tired of all the harm done in the world and the pain we all suffer. My mission in this world is to share the light and the ultimate truth with you. It is totally up to you to respond and look into if what I am saying is truth or not. God loves you and I want to let you know that. We need help and sadly we as humans can't help ourselves because our issues are so deep that we can't even come up with solutions to these problems. Truth is not hiding. It's right in front of you. It has always been in plain sight. Unfortunately we have tons of distractions to keep us from seeing what's right in front of us. I hope you choose not to live in denial about humanity's worsening condition and the existence of evil. Will you choose light? Will you choose truth? Will you search for truth? What will you do? Much love and peace. 

If truth was staring you in the face would you recognize it?

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I love your beautiful heart for the Lord @humanearl. Yes, there is truth. Yes, there is right and wrong. Blessings to you and your family!

If truth was staring you in the face would you recognize it?
Bro how many times I didn't see it! But sometimes I have met it! It depends, but yeah we all met truth, but we don't believe it at right time!


Yes, You are right..
I love you man..

If truth was staring you in the face,,,, I think for that we have to be Intelligent. Truth every time not coming to us be happy, be good, advantageously.

The world is in pain and yet we choose to be blind to it. From millions killed in Syria, to those killed in Yemen, to daily bombing in Afghanistan, to the turmoil in Libya and the genocide in Gaza. Its unfair how the majority chose not to care

It's a good idea to make video responses to the comments. So you fully express your thoughts and emotions.
Today we are talking about "truth". I remembered the expression from one cult Russian film called "Brother." In this film, two brothers were in America arguing about what power is. One of the brothers claimed that the power in money and the one who has a lot of money can buy anyone. But the second brother (the protagonist) replied:

I think that power in Truth, for whom the truth stands, is stronger.

The search for truth is not when it is not easy. On your way there will always be people who have other opinions. They have their own truth. The more people - the more opinions. But regardless of the number of opinions - the truth is always one. I appreciate the people who choose the light. I appreciate the work of people who help others become better. This is a noble cause.

Therefore, answering your main question, I would say that Yes. But I am a man and I am wrong in my own way. Sometimes the truth is so close that we do not notice it.

@humanearl, The truth isn't hiding and it's showing to everyone. Truth met lot of times and given justice to me. Truth came from our deepest mind. Lot of peoples told lies but it could be lie few times ago. So I want to tell you The truth will win however.

I read your post and all I see is a pure heart and kind heart... You know ur indeed lovable person and if ever I come over to the states, I sure will make it a point of duty to see you.

Keep being good bro, evil can never be entirely wiped out of the earth no matter how hard we try but shining forth as light in our own little worlds is all that matters.


@humanearl - Sir you have a pure heart & it full with helping others... That's the truth I want to believe... That's what I always believe...


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I find you are lost (IMH and partially so probably wrong Opinion) but in the right path so I will keep voting you because I feel your work and effort. I love you as is so there is no reason to argue about truth or truthless.

Love has not limitations or conditions, just Love... which also heals evil.

Money (or crypto) it’s just another tool for expressing ourselves and Love each other, so take my vote and my Love.

Peace brother. Keep loving <3

Truth is always there in front of it but we always take that eye contact away and run from the reality of life