We Got Enough Information, Now We Need Nature

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I can't stress enough the importance of getting out in nature. When I don't get out in nature I notice I'm not as relaxed as usual or I'm more easily agitated. This is why I make sure that I get outside to move around even if it's just sitting on the bench and taking in some sights. Lately I've been doing a much better job at taking life slower and not overworking myself. This has helped my mental and physical health already. Only time will tell when I will ramp my workload back up but for now I'm just enjoying this slower pace.

If you have nature pics that you've taken I would love to see them so feel free to share your experiences out in nature. Peace.

What makes nature so therapeutic?

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Sure I have few, I will share them soon!


Nature appears to be running some kind of optimization algorithm using biological entities, with genes trying to survive and propagate (atleast, the ones that attempt this propagate, so it gives a “pseudo” effect of purpose) Part of this algorithm involves finding sources of energy and sometimes the sources of energy are other entities running the same algorithm.

Nature appears to be running some kind of optimization algorithm using biological entities . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @humanearl

Well that is the beauty of the nature , when ever we get close in it it never lets us down.

As for being a part of Steemit .I do have been taking images very often .So I do am sharing a few with you brother.




Nature is so comforting and soothing...
Sadly, in some areas... The whole essence of nature is being reduced all in the name of building houses and more industries....

We are all part of nature. Arrivals in nature in humans act as a relaxant. A natural and useful relaxant. I know that many doctors advise against fatigue to go out into the wild. In my experience, I was convinced that when I have a bad mood or I feel tired, then there is nothing better than resting in a quiet place, for example in a park or near a river.
I think that the therapeutic properties of nature are due to the fact that we are part of it. The opportunity to have pleasure and to improve oneself being in nature is the "ability" that we inherited from our ancestors.
"Relax" is advice this week! Thank you

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Thanks for the reminder to getting out into nature. I've been stuck in my flat here for a couple of days now. It's summer here in the UAE so it's pretty hot here as well. It's great that you're enjoying your time there with your kid.

Going out into nature is healthy because we were wired to be with nature. Our body needs sunshine and the oxygen that's coming from the trees. So if don't get to go outside enough, we'll eventually crave to go out.


@humanearl being thankful is the key to many things. Be thankful what what you already have and don't be as concerned with what you don't have. Also it is important on this roller coaster called life to stop and take a look around every once in a while. If you don't you may miss out on something important. :)

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This is a great,
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Earth (Jörð) is a goddess in Norse mythology, the personification of the earth and the mother of the thunder god Thor! By spending time in nature we get closer to the gods that we decided to believe in!

This is just beautiful

I love nature! I can't just see them without giving a shot.Of course we need it,and that's exactly why they exist! We only need to utilize it existence @humanearl!PhotoGrid_1527572911524.jpg

It's the easiest and the easiest way to get rid of the stress in us is living in nature. Specially for human can learn lot of things from the nature

@humanwarl, I lot of time shared my experience with nature. I'm huge nature lover and If I have feel free time definitely don't miss any chance to stay with nature. I have lot of collection in my country's nature images and already posted those. Our nature giving e lot of meditation and relaxation steps.

Nature fulfil everyone heart with more love and peace if something is worrying you we just need to step out in the nature and there is the answer lying around :)

a like this just reminder me of this youtube video a I saw some time a go.

i have to learn a lot of things for you...
be continuous sir

@humanearl - Sir nature cure a lot... Specially stress levels... So, what you're doing is so good Sir...


I think nature is relaxing because of the combination of fresh air, sunshine, and beauty.

Here is photo of a bunny, I took while out walking last week.