Power in 1918 - Exploring Steem Shovels

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Disclaimer: The Following is about STEAM power not STEEM


Steam Shovels are the Best

I know most steemians don't think too much about steam, but it remains an important technology to understand as we #explore1918

When I was a child, my favorite book was about the depression-era "Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton" where children had to think about Steam power.

Mike Mulligan had to search hard for jobs in the economy of the great depression. But in 1918, Steam shovels were needed throughout Pennsylvania and Philadelphia as they were especially helpful in building railroads.

What did steam build?

Next time you take a train in Philadelphia or elsewhere in the world, you might think about how the tracks were built. Also, if the building you are in was built some time between 1900 and 1940, there is a chance that you are standing on Steam built foundations. How is that for fun?

Can you think of other uses for a Steam Shovel?

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This is fascinating! A Steam-Shovel... hmm, maybe there needs to be a "Steem-Shovel App" built off of the blockchain.

Something like a foundation toolkit for developers to create apps with that would mirror the old school foundation building of 20th century Steam Shovels. Thanks for sharing @hourofhistory!

The Steam Shovel named "Dewey" in Philadelphia. Named for the Admiral, perhaps? But this is 20 years before 1918:
Still, pretty cool, eh?

Please do a podcast on steam power.

Will you guest on the show to talk about steam?

As our mutual friend recently told you, "I'll do it for friendship."

Between putting all those wood planks down, pushing it around (it doesn't appear to drive itself), keeping the boiler hot, and operating the arm it seems like you could do the same work faster using a crew of workers with hand shovels. I guess it makes up the time once it's set up and operating out of the same spot

I didn't think of it this way, but you are right, sometimes technology does make more work for us!