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RE: KasiaRecommends: TED – the amazing world of "ideas worth spreading".

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thanks Kasia,
I loved the “Do schools kill creativity?” talk.

there was a personal reason this Ted Talk was special for me, cause I have a 8 month old baby, and the education system is the key problem I think over and over.

I was studying articles on the net, about the "experimental learning" which every child has in him/herself; and the orthodox school system that ruins it!

I also read a lot about the changes Finish government did around year 2011, I recommend you to search for.

thanks for your post, enjoyed it.


I actually have heard about the changes in Nordic countries, i admire their courage to be in avantgarde!and what are your thoughts? will you do home-schooling?

I won't quit the whole school system since it's crucial for socialibity skills for kids, but i will do my best to reduce the impact of schools on him that brings the stress of grading and numbers!
Your kid needs to discover his or her real talent.

oh, i really hope you will manage to do that! and then please share with others how to do that! :)

Thanks for your kind comments 😍❤ you can see my son here: