Why We Celebrate Int'l Women's Day?

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Friends, International Women's Day was celebrated on 8th March throughout the world. The day is celebrated in our country through seminars and rallies. But on March 8, why the women's day was celebrated? Besides, women rights only for one day? Then where is the position of women? Many questions are moving in my head!


As far as I learned from the magazine, in 1857 working women were united to protest against their unjust labor wage in New York. They came down on the highway, raised their demand, and then covered the whole world. People talk about their right to rights, many women workers from all over the world are in touch with them. Right from the beginning is the beginning.


However, I only highlighted the start of protests from history. Since then, we have received a specific day, as the rights of women. But women deserve it? It was only a day's movement for that day? Today's position is much better than that day?

I myself am a woman, very much suffering and sacrifice, I am in today's position. I work at a private organization, I have Income Tax Certified Law. I can say, how much convenience I got as a woman. Every time I had to fight for the boys to compete with men. In most cases I have lost, because the current social system is favorable to men!


And to speak the truth, in our society, women are still neglected, still persecuted in women's schools and colleges, yet they are still looking for the right judge for justice. Where is the status of a career from a school or a married life? No one wants to tell the truth today! The reality is very cruel! So nobody is interested in presenting the right information!

Thank you so much all.

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|> tania <|


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