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It was the day when the heavy weather struck central Europe recently. Very very early in the morning when I happened to be cycling along on my bike (*still* up, not *already* up, of course) everything was still peaceful, so I had to take some pictures. The weather didn't strike so hard around here anyway. But either way, being oblivious to what would happen later, I just had to stop and catch the scene.






Time to get a better camera at last I guess, no way my phone could adequately capture the dynamic range of the sun. But I hope you still get a good enough impression of the scenery.

Corn, crop, barn, flowers, road, street, Munich, FFB, Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria

All photos shot by me with a simple phone cam. No macro or other special equipment. Unmodified and not cropped. License: CC-BY-SA.


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Beautiful. Trust me, sunsets are very hard to capture, even with excellent equipment! :)

sunrises too ;)
but thanks; yeah, definitely.

Doh! It's time to sleep here...

So what happened next, you didn't finish the story?!

p.s. Thanks for the massive upvote!

I didn't? Well, open-ended then, like #life itself. ;)

"But either way, being oblivious to what would happen later, I just had to stop and catch the scene."

I was simply curious! :) Have good day, @herzmeister!

The weather change happened. And my confusing non-linear narrative style, I guess. :D

Aha! Mystery solved :)

Nice photos the sun adds great definition. It looks so calm and piece full love the shots. Earned my follow and upvoted and resteemed. hope to see more in the future on this platform

These are some gorgeous shots. Farmland can really be beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Nice post my friend @herzmeister . I think this one motivated me take a camera and than going for hunting soon. :))

My name is @arfa . Hope you to follow me back.

Best regards, :))

Oh man the fields look good in the morning.
As I stay on the farm myself, perhaps I must go get a sunrise tomorrow morning.

Thanks for UPVOTING my latest sunrise @csmit
You are FOLLOWED. Please return the favour.

Oh no the fields are burning! Still pretty though :) Thanks for stopping up to take those shots

It was very nice morning!

I'm impressed this is taken by a phone!!! Honestly... these pictures are wonderful! <3 Thanks for the share!

thanks, yeah, it was a phone, had i have had a proper camera you likely would actually see the sun in its proper shape on the pictures ;)

Still it was really nice imo! :)

Amazing landscapes @herzmeister !!!
My name is Nicolae ! Here's my blog: https://steemit.com/@nicolaepavelean. Maybe we can connect each other. I am already following you.

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