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I usually don't care or think much about my birthday. If someone chooses to throw a little celebration for me - awesome! Fun times to be had! If not though, I don't celebrate or give the day much thought.

Then, my 29th birthday rolled around, and for some reason this one is making me feel different. Like I've gotten older faster than my dreams are being accomplished. Like somehow being so close to 30 will make me disconnected, uninformed and behind-the-curve when it comes to technology.

My wife seemed to notice that something was bugging me about this day, the 29th anniversary of my womb escape act. So she not only decided to celebrate this one with me (which alone was enough to cheer me up), but she bought me a gift that went over her typical present budget.

She bought me a Nintendo Switch!


Now I can get back to a bit of my youth with some nostalgic video games. Also, it's a pretty impressive little device - which ofcourse made me feel "in the loop".

I think it's amazing how when you're feeling down, your loved ones can pick up on these things and actively seek to change your mood. I am absolutely blessed to have someone like her in my life.

If you own a Switch and want to add me as a friend: herbNachos

Find me on:
Splatoons 2, Super Smash Bros, Ark, Paladins, Smite, Fortnite, Arena of Valor, Mario Kart 8


we havent heard from you, were the birthday celebrations that good lol

Gotta get you posting so we can boost you to minnow, we dont have long left on this campaign

Aha thank you, the celebration was great but there was an incident recently that took my focus away from posting. My wife is currently in the hospital and am busy with the little one. Will try to post again very soon!

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No switch for me, still old school PC. Great games tho and happy belated birthday. Not sure if you know but @porters featured you in a post about up and coming fresh faces. I hope to see more of you around.

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