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Snail, snail, snail,
Your sighs never fail
To churn a sorry tale:
You can't run for real
The best you do is crawl
Like a train on a rail
Clambering up a hill
Slowly, slowly, dull, dull,
Leaving a white trail
Slowly, slowly till
Your feelers begin to fail
Like electric poles without light
And you have no eyes to see
When you fall into a well
And drink a sorry spell
Your tummy bloating swell
A slimy sorry sight
Sighing day and night


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How often snail sighs
When the sun is high in the sky
And the day as hot as hell
Snail steals into his shell
Takes cover under dead leaves
To lift a sigh to the high heavens
And when the cloud is low
And it is raining pelting snow
Blithe hazard blowing bad
"Somebody will fall unto a well"
Remembering how he fell
"What a funny little world"
He sighs without a word


And when fire guts their part of the bush
And all the animals begin to push
Their way out unto safety
But, snail, what a pity
Only rush unto shell
His shell as hot as hell
Pops in fire like pop corn
"O death is near, soon I burn"
But all he did was sigh in scorn

A hungry hawk from heaven's height
Glad to learn the news of it
Comes for its favorite Congo meat
But the smoke, the smell and snails' sighs
Makes the hawk hover for a while
Then dive, plunge on swoop on snail
And without a word the ship set sail
Poor snail, your life is worth the sigh


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Yes feel free, am here to make friends!


good post well done

Thanks @ tarakbin!

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