Living Amongst The Culture, Not Of It

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Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes. The Big Man’s parents own a small lake cabin at a lake about an hour and a half away, and so we have the privilege of going there during the weekends if he isn’t working. It’s nice to be able to get away sometimes, and I try my best to enjoy our time there.

However, there is what I would call a “lake culture” that is very easy to get sucked into if you don’t watch out. I’m sure this kind of attitude exists all around in some form or another, so maybe you can relate. The idea of taking every opportunity to make it all about “the lake life.” The weekend becomes all about packing up and heading to the lake to lounge, do water sports, drink, and “live the life.” A vacation mentality I suppose. It’s a culture that is about living it up; it’s focused on “the experience.”

Now, I don’t think going to the lake and enjoying oneself is a bad thing. But what I’m getting at is that it can be a very slippery slope into getting sucked into this culture’s mindset. The thing is, what the culture promotes leaves one (in my opinion, whether they realize it or not) feeling empty and sometimes just exhausted. Why? Because this culture promotes self-centeredness. It’s all about me and/or my kids. What’s missing from the equation? The One who gave us all of this to enjoy in the first place. There is no room for Our Father in this culture; He is long forgotten. Why would we take time out of our great fun and relaxing to focus and set apart time on Him? Whenever we leave Him out of any area of our lives, an emptiness quickly sets in.

Again, I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with enjoying all these things. I think it’s great to get out and enjoy the Father’s creation. But like I said, there’s a emptying culture mindset out there and if you surround yourself in it, it can be all too easy to get sucked in.

What about you? Do you see something similar to this going on where you’re at? Do you ever feel like you’re walking on a fine line?


it can be a very slippery slope into getting sucked into this culture’s mindset.

Absolutely. It's like the world is constantly demanding our attention, constantly trying to influence our opinions and thoughts. But we do not conform to the pattern of this world, we must renew our mind of Christ everyday.

Do you ever feel like you’re walking on a fine line?

Yes, it's surprisingly easy to get caught up and swept away with current events. I used to never pay attention to the "news" but these days it's difficult to not keep up. And it takes a lot of effort to filter out the bias and just get the information to form our own opinion and not be molded by the media.

We can't help being in this world, but we can help being OF this world. I bless the Most High and remember His Holy Day and turn off the media for a while and continue to build that relationship with the Savior further as we attempt to walk the path laid out for us.

It sure does. And it doesn’t help when other’s try to pull you to their side in the name of “you don’t want to deprive your kids.” We don’t go every weekend, but when we do go, my guard is up to make sure we don’t go down the wrong path.
Turning off the media for the day is a great way to turn our mind away from distractions and focusing on spending our time with Him.

Although I grew up in Minnesota, we didn't have quite as much "lake life" opportunity as some. Here in the inland northwest, we have assorted rivers, some large lakes in North Idaho, and many mountains where people spend their free time. Sometimes it does seem self-indulgent. It's hard to say, though. Some also seem to prefer to commune with God in His creation. It's hard to judge the motivations of others. But I have some suspicions about people who drive $30,000 ATVs nonetheless.

Growing up, my parents couldn’t afford the “lake life.” Although, I did get some exposure through an ex-boyfriend’s family in high school.
I agree. I love to spend time outdoors as a way to spend time with God. And that’s true, it is hard to judge others. However, I do believe actions speak volumes!

As a fellow Minnesotan and a lover of all things "Lake Life". I agree the weekend lake getaways can become self-centered. However, a nice long weekend escape from the daily grind of life focusing on yourself and family is wonderful. The loss of a focus on God during your lake experience doesn't need to be the norm. You can still pray before meals, do a bible study in the evening around the fire, and even attend a local church on Sunday morning. My church has a men's retreat in the Brainerd Lakes area every September. We definitely live the lake life of fishing, drinking, golfing but we also manage to do bible study and attend church on Sunday morning. It can be done! Don't let the lack of an appreciation for God one weekend prohibit you from doing things a bit different on your next trip.

Sounds like you found a good balance between the two! Next time we go, I plan on being a more prepared.

Howdy hebrewhousewife! Well said and so true. The way of the world is to live for every weekend to party and get smashed, then do the same thing the next weekend. And never accomplish anything meaningful. The epitome of emptiness!

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