English cut beard, bored.

in life •  5 months ago


I have not posted on steem in a very long time. I have not had any inspiration to write about politics or fitness.

I haven't been doing any lifting either, just some kettlebells here and there.

My philosophy about both subjects has changed much during the last few months.

Writing about something then changing one's opinion shortly after could be uncomfortable.

Follow me on @somegaming where I still live stream often on the @dlive platform. So I have not abbondoned steemit all together.

I get so much pleasure from writing and reading these days. And I miss steemit for that.

But we need to keep posting despite changing environments and opinions.

The path is never predictable.

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Sometimes it will be useful to stop and look around, to understand whether everything that you do is right.


Yes, just take a step back and reflect!

AWESOME SELFIE 😊😊 enjoy your day!


Gracias senorita


Thanks dude! I appreciate the kind words!

howdy back there @hansdewet! I've been wondering where you went so now I know, thanks for letting us all know. I completely understand why you'd want to step back from Steemit, occurred to me many times!