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It feels so long since the last time I'm here, based on my last post it seems the last time I was here is 3 monts ago...So many things happened in my life in such a short time, and to be honest, I'm bad in doing a lot of things at the same time... I believe no one even remember me or will pay attention to my post anymore, well, it's ok, I come back here because I think I wanna write about what I've been through... they said it's good for releasing your stress.

Broken home doesn't only mean when your parents having a divorce, broken home happen when there's no love between parents, and only hate. I don't understand why people decide staying in a toxic relationship instead having divorce. My brother and sister said that we are the victim of our parents ego, our mental is drained, we are wounded, we have some mental issues like anxiety, low self esteem, etc, all thanks to them.

I think what happened would be a great lesson for me, I hope something like this won't happen to me in the future, I hope I can live a happy life and having a healthy family life.

Anyway, I hope I can keep being active on steemit like before...and could posting about art and stuff...

I'm sorry for my broken English... I write it in English so that I can get used with this language since I'm still learning to be able to use this language properly.


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Hi Hananan! It's been a while since I see a post from you, I hope you will return to posting again, but I understand that you've been through a lot in life... Family break ups can be super hard :( I think you did the right thing, and I don't think you are an egoist. I am happy to hear that your mom seems to have gotten better since.

Like you, I think, there is no reason to remain in a toxic or hateful relationship. It is better to admit the truth and break things apart and though it may be harder for the short period of break-up, in the long run, I think it is better not to let resentment and grudge fester inside our hearts.

All my hugs to you, Hananan. Hope you will find a path back to creativity and to joy, in the future <3

Awww.... Seems spidy still remember me even after all this time 😭 I'm touched...

Thank you very much, your kindness makes me wanna be active again on the creative world 😁 💕