It is really awesome!
The sound possibility is crazy!
You can totally change everything there!

Wow nice! Is it difficult to use being an FM Synth?

I have a Volca beats, it's really fun indeed! Pretty easy to use. I just find that the sound level is very weak. Gotta run it through a nice preamp to get a loud signal. Do you experience the same weakness in audio signal with the Volca FM?

Thanks! :)

No, it's quite easy to use, altho to master... It would take some time. Not saying it's not easy, just more time consuming than keys or beats.

And no, this one is quite powerfull by itself. Well atleast in my experience...

I have had this only for about a week now and yeah... Can't really say I know a lot about that stuff.

But it has been sounding great!

Now I'm thinking of getting the Volca Mix.

Have a nice day :)

Yeah Volca Mix looks really cool! you should also check the Patchblocks PBMIX3 and the Vixen mixer by KV Gear

Although I think the Volca Mixer has more features, those mixers I posted were made before the actual Volca Mixer, but worth checking out!

Have fun making music!

Thanks man!

Have a great day!

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