A Word For My Soul

in life •  9 months ago

Despite the technologically advanced world we have, is a lack of the basic values and a fading faith in humanity.My soul is the part of me that consists of my character, thoughts, and my feelings. This is a part of who I am .

After listening to Alain de Botton speech about 'Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person?' on youtube, I decided to collect a word that might save my faith in humanity. A word that will make me ponder to restore the good I inherited thousand years ago. A word that could reach and touch a heart of a single human being like me. I hope to encounter these words in my everyday life. A word per day could help me how to become an effective moral agent, like those stories I read when I was a child that ended up with moral lessons.

"Words have no muscles, but they are strong enough to build a character". - QueenJ chocolate-in-heart-shape.jpg

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