Everything in life demands labor

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Time, people, lives, life conditions, changed with emotions. Now nobody can recognize or trust anyone, so the love is boiling between them. Everything in life requires labor, a struggle. Something deteriorated in the past would not be thrown immediately. So patience and self-sacrifice in relationships are the main ones, and now they took away the place of discontinuation without waiting for it to break away. No, no fighting, no eye, black people, black people.

effort ile ilgili görsel sonucu

You can't make a man happy in his heart. There is nothing we can really give people except time and love. Shame not to be ashamed of loving, even though he knows that he should be ashamed of love. Human extracts what they have left behind, they are bored with what they have, they are kept out of reach. Generally inaccessible is always love.

effort ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The outgoing is a poem, there is no great grind from carrying a story and a story that is not narrated. At the right time, we make the wrong people, the wrong time and the right people do the wrong. Wrong time on the name. Love is beautiful, if there is no love, there will be no life. Yak a cigarette, tell a smoke to say a distracted master. He says it's good for those who suffer.

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