Freelancing from Home Tips

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Freelancing from Home Tips

Working in a home office is not the same as working in an office building and it can be very difficult for some people to adjust to this new work environment. If you are new to working from home, I have a few tips for you.

Home Office

If you have a home office that is well arranged and well designed you will be able to concentrate more, work faster and get more done in the day.

Your home office should be separated from the rest of your house. Working on the kitchen table is not a good setting for success. If you do not have a room for the office, use curtains or office partitions to separate your work space area from the rest of the house.

All the tools you need, computer, printer, cables, calculator and so on should all be in your work area so you don't have to step out of it.

Choose office furniture that is convenient and can fit in the small area you have. Adding real plants can help you concentrate on your work and get you in a good mood.

Natural lighting together with additional lamps is also important to have a nice work environment.

The most important piece of furniture in your home office is your chair. You are going to sit several hours and a good office chair will prevent you from having back pain and other problems related to computer use.

Dress Code

People think that the advantage of working from home is that you can work in your pajamas or in your underwear.

It's clearly not. If you are dressed in sport wear you are in the mood for a run, if you are in your pajamas you are in the mood for a nap.

In order to be in the mood for work you should be dressed as if you were going to an office building. The necktie might not be necessary, but office trousers and a nice shirt can help you greatly to concentrate on your work and be in the mood.

Some people can work at home in casual clothes and it is fine too, but if you have to meet a client outside, shoot a video or talk to a client on Skype, a nice shirt can make all the difference.

Time Management

This is very difficult to work efficiently if you don\'t manage your time when working from home. You may have to drive your kids to and from school, cook your lunch or do house work during the day.

All these activities have to be managed to go along the hours of work you have to do. A daily schedule is a good idea. Start and finish work at the same time everyday as you would do in a real office with colleagues.

The advantage to work from home is that you can arrange your schedule as you wish. You may work an hour before the kids get up in the morning then start another period after they are in school and before your lunch. Work can also be done after the kids are in bed in the evening if you choose so.

The last thing you do in the day can be planning your work for the next day. This way, you know when you get up what you have to do and be effective immediately.

When you have you hours set-up, plan what to do in each time period of the day. Shoot a video at that time, check emails at that time, do admin tasks at this other time of the day. Having the discipline to do that will increase your chances of success.

I hope this post will be helpful to you and that freelancing from home will be a lot easier.

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Michel Gerard


Great tips!

Thank you very much @tomasgeorge.

Home office definitely requires more self discipline, typing this in my under were :-0

Thank you for commenting @robertchr.

Great tips! I totally agree.
If you decide to work at home as a freelancer, you definitely have to be engaged.
If you do it correct it can bring you financial and temporal freedom!

Thank you for your comment @infinityroad.

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Good post

Most of time I hear people say that if you work from home, you can work in your pajamas. Yes, that's true. But I like what you said. When you dress up, you feel different and it will impact in your work positively.

When you go to office, there is time schedule. You have to go there on time. And you have to work there for a certain period of time. If you work from home, you make a time schedule on your work, that really works.

Thank you so much @gmichelbkk for sharing tips to work from home efficiently and effectively.

Thank you very much for your feed back @rezoanulvibes. I am glad you like the post.

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