New working place and plans for today

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Hello everyone!

I am very excited because soon we will move to our new working place! It is located close to the place of our accommodation in the 20th district. A news with which I am really happy because we are slightly tired of commuting. We will be there until the end of our internships in Vienna.

After a little session with @jnmarteau to understand better steemit and how to use, our friend Justyna (aka @covermaker) went at the show of a new clothes collection ( While together with Paula (@ideamaschine) and Malwina (@inyoursteem) we already started writing our posts of today. As we're just done, we'll go to our new office and from there you'll also get an update from us. I can not wait!

In the evening I am also planning to post an entry to the contest organized by @Monomad the “Photo Contest-Wednesday Abstract”. Hope to read you in between!

See you soon!



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I really love the way you are sharing your adventures with the @globalschool! And I cant wait to read more about your personal view on all what you are experiencing, all the best, Jean

Nice post you wrote! love the picture you took showing the table of the visionaries from the top. :)

I totally get the excitement for new space in a few days I am moving in a new house that accommodates my studio :D
love the grey theme in the pics:P you guys look like pro :P