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Today, after arriving with the student group of the @globalschool and meeting @jnmarteau at the Hug Inn Vienna of @opt2o. @manncpt invited me for an original activity as I am specially interested in fashion.


We visited the popup store of Green-Shirts ( and had the pleasure to see a new collection of eco-fashion clothes.



The logo of Green-Shirts is the old tree that appears on the shirts and blouses.


In my opinion eco-fashion wear is a very good idea, because of the environment that we need to care for, and the clothes of this company are manufactured in a large percentage of recycling. The clothes are simple, pleasing to the touch, I think most would be liked. ;)



Thank you @manncpt for taking me there and taking this picture with me and the mysterious female eco-fashion blogger on it! ;)


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Nice and informative reportage about the eco-fashion brand green-shirts Justyna! Hope you enjoyed the visit and meeting the creator as well as this other fashion blogger! =)

Amazing that you are already using dtube, it is really motivating me to start too :))))

Wonderful entry about our adventure attending the popup event of Green-Shirts today @floverxv! :) I hope you got inspired after exploring eco fashion and meeting also Niklas, the founder of the label.

Thank you for your eco fashion report. Just continue like that, you are really talented! :)

Many people eat organic, but don't wear it, future will definetely change that.