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RE: My time is coming and I am forever grateful.

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Lynn and I have been back and forthing for a few months now, but your last post was the first where I really talked to you, and I'm glad I did. It's amazing how paths can cross, even if they're actually years or miles apart. Life's got a way of connecting us all if we'll let it.

I really don't think Lynn needs a lot of motivation for Asher's Leagues. Kind of think of it, she was doing better before I came along. :)

However, I'm not planning to change what I do for as long as I can help it, so inevitably Lynn and I will continue to cross paths, too. We don't ever seem to be more than a comment or two away.


whoa! i tell you most of the people on this list seem to be on the abh's weekly curation/engagement. Also, i'm in groups with most of them. great taste! :)

Truth to tell, I'm surprised to be on one for him. I'm happy to be by association, though, via Lynn. And it's true, the leaguers are big on the list. I'm glad. This is a part of what the league is capable of being, not only a potential means to keep Steemit honest, but a support and safety network when needed. I'm happy to be a part of it, even if I'm kind of the partypooper because I'm not in multiple groups. :)

why? you are friends with Lynn and it makes sense.
no worries, some people are just not into groups. i try to grab many of my boo boos (friends) but they refuse. oh well. happy friday!

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