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“Why won’t you talk to me?” I shrieked.

The sound seemed to bounce off the windshield and smack back into my face, because it gave me no satisfaction. Trees and the occasional car were nothing more than blurs from my peripheral vision as we zoomed down the country road. The children didn’t mind whatever argument was taking place in the front seat, as they had been loaded down with pretzels and were peacefully crunching away in the back seat.

Peacefully crunching. That’s what I should be doing on this drive. I scowled forward, not wanting to look at my antagonist next to me. I took a moment to acknowledge that maybe…maybe…my anger was a bit unreasonable. Maybe something else was eating at me.


I rubbed my auditory canal, feeling almost a moment of pressure relief, but only a moment. Based on the growing sensation of pressure behind my right ear thanks to a head cold in the middle of not head cold season, I anticipated my ear would pop off at any moment like a champagne cork. Mucus would then coat the window, and I could screw my ear back on with a great sigh of relief.

Any minute now. I tapped my fingernails irritably against the steering wheel. Head congestion has a way of altering our perception of the world, which just goes to show how easy it is to alter our perspectives. Everything feels a little different when you are walking in a cloud. The loss of quality hearing results in a greater awareness of all that there is to be heard. The body becomes ultra-sensitized, and depending on if pain is involved, irritable.

We are emotionally fragile creatures wondering around this world, if we don’t make an effort to check that emotional intensity at the door, and put on something a little more sage-like. Some days are for sagely advice. And then there was today.

I scanned the road ahead of me. Rapidly we were driving away from familiarity and into foreign territory. Country roads twisted up ahead, with many turn-offs waiting to be picked, almost begging to be picked. Pick me! Pick me! Nobody ever drives down me! The roads were arguing. I was arguing.


“How am I supposed to know where to turn if you won’t talk to me? It is ridiculous that I need to stare at a map while driving just because you are in a taciturn mood!” I shouted it loud and clear, but again I got that annoying, childish silent treatment.

“Fine! I will just take care of this myself. I’ve got a great sense of direction! I have a built-in compass. I can get us there! I don’t need you.” I scanned the roads ahead, and then a name brought forward an inkling of a memory. I followed it. With confidence I proceeded on beneath a blue sky so brilliant, and a cloud pile up that was so wonderfully the opposite of the complete lack of traffic on the road beneath. It was just my vehicle, and those clouds.

The roads had hushed all that jibber-jabbering they had been doing. There was no more pick me nonsense. I drove with confidence—I knew where I was going—directions be damned. A few more miles of pine tree upon pine tree upon pine tree, mixed in with a scattering of palmettos and lots of road-side grass growing knee-high, and I reached town. Slowly I pulled into the foreign driveway with the sought after house number written on the mailbox.

“You have arrived at your destination,” the GPS suddenly—finally—spoke loud and clear from my phone on the empty passenger seat.

I squinted my eyes threateningly in its direction.


That would be a great way to clear a head cold!!

If only. It is like a fantasy. The ears have switched teams and now it is the other one ready to blow. I am still waiting...

I'm telling you G, never NEVER trust a GPS! Especially google maps... that thing always try to kill me! Also, do you guys have there the "mayorca" pretzel? Its like a type of donut dough soft pretzel covered in confectioners sugar... taste like heave!.... Now I want mayorca pretzel!

Those things can be a bit devious. It hasn't tried to kill me...yet...unless leaving me in my vehicle without any help to find my way out of the wilderness counts:) No, we do not have that here, but it does sound heavenly. I really do need to make that Puerto Rico trip.

Ahhhh... a lovely drive through the country.

You know..... your GPS'es silence may have been Godsend, because if it had been working, it was going to make you go the wrong way.... .well..... it could have been ! :)

Stopped up ears are the worst. Hope that head cold is over soon.

So my phone screen flips sometimes while I am looking at the GPS and gets me totally disoriented. It is like the two are working together as bringers of chaos :)

This is the head cold with no end. Day 6 at present. God help me.

Boy oh boy isn't annoying when GPS's don't talk, you could drive up into the flurry white clouds and the damn thing stays quiet on those odd occasions ......until the destination declaration, hahaha.

I still have not resolved why sometimes it does not talk. I think it is entirely out of spite, like that one time I did not take its advice really offended it :)

It is funny how we have gotten so comfortable talking to technology, I really enjoyed this @ginnyannette, you are a great story teller and I certainly wasn't expecting that you were conversing with your GPS all along. And yes how easy it is to alter our perspectives x

Oh good, I was wondering if people realized I was arguing with the gps and not my husband. Sometimes things seem so clear when writing it, but nobody gets it :)

Thanks for stopping by.

I seriously argue with BOTH the GPS as well as my husband if we are trying to find our way anywhere. We thought it'd solve our map arguments, but NOOOOO... seems he needs BOTH the GPS and me to direct him, and blames us both when we stuff it up.

Lol! It certainly doesn't stop arguments. So the last road trip I went on with my husband, he was driving and I suddenly noticed the gas was pretty low. We weren't far from our destination but we were about to enter rush-hour traffic in a city. So I, in a mild manner, told him to get gas. But of course he has to use the GPS to find his ideal station, although there is one on almost every block in the city! The blasted thing took us all over the place, in and off the interstate continually, before I finally put my foot down and said just drive to the next exit and find a station! Low and behold, the next exit had one. Crisis averted :)

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