Water filtration is a necessity of our time.

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With the arrival of spring, I begin to think about the purity of tap water. Why? Because the flood washes away in the rivers any muck and you begin to doubt ability of treatment facilities to cope with such loading.
I often hear from friends that in vain so worried. Tap water in the kitchen is quite possible to drink in this form. Perhaps so. But, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Definitely will not be worse.

Filtered water, first of all, eliminates lime scale on the dish. If you put a filter on the water inlet to the apartment, you can avoid the same RAID in the bathroom. And for the washing machine, this water will eliminate the problem of accumulation of filth on the drum, and then washed clothes will be much cleaner.

The shower can also be supplied with clean filtered water. The risk of water-related diseases can be significantly reduced if bathing water is used without harmful impurities. Untreated water can contain chlorine, which is harmful, and can also turn into chlorine gas and penetrate the bloodstream through the skin when such water is used to take a bath. In addition to respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma, it can cause cancer.

Since natural protective oils are removed from the skin with chlorine, the softness of the hair and skin can be preserved if the water used for bathing comes from a filtered source.

Home water filters can prove to be an effective protection against contaminants in the water supply if the water purifier contributes to malfunctions. In addition to harmful contaminants, bacteria that can be dangerous are also removed from the water by such filters. The water supply system of the house will remain completely cleared of such chemicals and bacteria if the water filter for the house is installed.

Do not forget about allergies to substances that are present in unfiltered water. I'm allergic to chlorine, for example. After a shower I'm red-eyed and sneezing. A visit to the pool generally brings more negative emotions than good.

Therefore, I believe that water filtration in our time probably is a necessity.
By the way I will describe separately the installation of the filter, unless of course he can handle it.)

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