An unidentified flying object in my photo.

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Recently I went to one hill in Bashkiria. I was checking on the version about the dumps of ancient quarries. Or very ancient coral reefs. Who will be interested in the video below. But I'm talking about the other. There the photographs were made along the way, and then, looking through, found a certain strangeness.

Against the background of clouds clearly visible black point. Or even point. And some unidentified flying object. And it's not photoshopped. Now I think about how to identify it.
And while I think trying to post the promised video, which also has a lot of questions to our all-knowing science. Maybe local scientists will explain to the lazy pensioner. Will spread out, so to speak, all on shelves.


Looks a bit strange...could it really be?? Did you check for camera/lense issues, and you are sure that it is not a bird or maybe a drone?
Either way, it's an interesting issue you bring up, are we alone in the universe, or is there life somewhere out there...and if there is, where is it, how far away and last but not least...what are they doing here?🙂
Is there somewhere you can send the picture to get it verified?? Don't really know.

I took pictures on the iPhone, it's not exactly a bird, the plane should leave a trail, drones do not fly there, and in General the object seems small should have some experts looking at it!

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Do they have eagles there? They fly absurdly high.

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