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RE: Oi Fatty

in #life4 years ago

When you see the Good Lady, let her know you had a fabulous walk.

Let her know you were talking to a stranger about his recent heart shunt when he offered you a piece of bunt cake . Coincidentally, you watched a cat hunt a blunt mouse which let out a grunt when the cats stunt succeeded.

Say this clearly in front of the little boom as soon as you walk in the door.


I think that plan has got legs!!!! :0D

It might be wise to start talking about the Canuck named Chuck in the truck who had a puck and for a buck, he would cluck like a duck. If you are successful, she will correct you that a duck quacks. (Distract, Deflect, Deny)

Hahahaha, I think if I over egg it he will just stay6 cussing like an out and out sailor!!

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