Is your Mindset Holding you Back? (Posidose 3)

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What’s a mindset? Is yours fixed or growth-oriented?


“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

You Have Goals

You have goals. You have a vision for your life. You want to live it a certain way, with certain kinds of people, in comfort and in a certain place. You ache to realize your vision.

What are the limits on this vision?

Does it depend on the permission and approval of others? On skills, talents or abilities you don’t (yet) have?

Just Not Good?

Is there anything you can’t do? Are you “just not good” at something? Do you want a degree in some discipline but can’t afford it? Do you want to start a business but doubt yourself?

This is mindset, the subject of the next few Posidose posts.

Mindset is Belief

Your mindset is what you believe about yourself, your abilities, potential and other qualities.

What’s your mindset? Does it contribute to your success or is it holding you back?

The first time I heard of mindset, I thought, “Mumbo-jumbo, feel-good psycho-babble!”

This was my first sign that I needed a mindset upgrade. But I didn’t see it at the time.

Two Mindsets: Fixed and Growth

There are two basic mindsets, according to Dr. Carol Dweck.

(1) The fixed mindset. You believe your potential for success was set at birth, or in childhood, and you can’t change it substantially through personal development. Those with this mindset are skeptical that putting forth effort will change your destiny.

(2) The growth mindset. You believe that your intelligence, talent and other inborn qualities are just the launching point. You believe that through effort - consistent hard work - you can increase your ability to achieve your goals. You can master new skills and even alter your personality.

Which mindset is yours?

The Next Step

Take out a piece of paper, digital or organic, and start writing. What is your life vision? Detail it. Now, what skills do you need to achieve it? Let me know in the comments or confidentially by email to [email protected].

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Thanks for another dose of positivity, George. What skills do I need? Knife skills, to cut out that danged imposter syndrome that's kept me back for most of my life. I've tried to smother him, but he just keeps coming back. Weird that that voice in my head is male. I'll have to meditate on that. :)

I suffer from imposter syndrome, too. It is really hard. In my case, it didn't help that my dad told me I was unfit to be anything from than a ditch-digger or a gas station attendant. I remember that and it makes me mad. And that gives me the strength to push on just a little more.


Very nice article. upvoted

Like the posidose but have noticed you haven't posted in a while.

I am a newbie here and like the great feeling of community that I see here on Steemit.

I write a lot about how powerful one's mindset can be. I also talk about different ways to make money online as an entrepreneur.

Would love to get your thoughts on it.

Mindset of time for money

Thanks you rock.

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