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Signs Of Spring Scene, Er, Seen!

IMG_2094 (2).JPG

Renewal, Rebirth, Restoration, Repurpose, there are a ton of words that begin with Re. Sometimes I think Spring should be known as ReSpring as it reappears every year with the promise of Renewal. As a person who tries to continually Reinvigorate my mindset, I find Spring most exciting, and today was a humdinger of a Re day let me tell ya!

Today began with me plopping myself into my little blue car and running my daughter up the hill to her first babysitting job. I so very proud of her, she needs a show stanchion for her steer, a very expensive item, and is working hard to help pay for it. One nice thing about homeschooling is a flexible schedule, and I like that my kids are learning that how to arrange and accomplish their responsibilities in an almost adult like manner.

After I dropped my girl off, I ran a few miles down the road and delivered the strawberry plants that I bought my friend for her birthday. This particular friend has many cows and horses, and on the way down the driveway I just had to take a picture of one of my favorite signs of spring, a Moo McNugget:

IMG_2089 (1).JPG

I know it's hard to tell from the picture, but this particular little calf is the size of a medium size dog. The spunky little guy was head first into the start of his career as a fence weakness assessor, just look at that face!!

After a bit of Mooing and Mawing at the baby bovine, I shortly found myself sitting on my dining room floor, repainting the bottom of my kitchen table. A few years ago my husband built me the most glorious farmhouse table out of salvaged materials, and the legs and frame needed a bit of a touch up. Today was a fitting day for the dining room reinvigoration as my new dining room chairs were arriving!

IMG_2093 (2).JPG

Now, if it seems like I am a tad excited about chairs, there is a reason. I've had the same, run down, broken chairs at my kitchen table for over a decade now. First, I didn't want to replace them as the kids were in the young and the reckless phase of childhood. Then, over the next long expanse of time, I just kept finding one excuse after another not to purchase dining room chairs. A lot of it had to do with quality. I mean, my people are not small in stature, and a lot of the chairs on the market are just rickety, even though the price requested is healthy. A couple of weeks ago I got mad after being stabbed in the flintlocks for the six hundredth time by one of the chairs and ordered four from The Exchange (Military). My backside is happily ensconced in my new chairs as I write this missive. To say that I am elated is not even accurate!

IMG_2096 (1).JPG

You would think that repainting my furniture and assembling chairs would be enough of a day, along with all of my normal tasks, but it's Spring! And I am a touch Rediculous when it comes to things at this time on the calendar, and yes, I know that is not spelled correctly, but it has a Re sound in it, so there! Anyway, my next task for the day was to plant fifty strawberry plants. For the last few years I have had my strawberries in raised beds. The problem with the beds was it was a touch hard to renovate the beds, for I have found that setting my riding lawnmower on the highest setting and mowing down a row of strawberries in the fall works right nicely, and when you have a whole farm's worth of chores to do, time saving things are useful.

IMG_2097 (1).JPG

So, with that explanatory sentence or two, I decided to put this year's plants in rows in the orchard. My husband hopped onto the tractor and rototilled a section for me. Next we added a bunch of compost, and while I plunked the little plants into the ground he hooked up the drip irrigation tubing for the strawberries to line we already had installed in the orchard. Before you could say jam in a jar my strawberry patch was Revamped!

IMG_2099 (1).JPG

My favorite strawberry cultivar of all time(so far) is Mesabi. Developed by the University of Minnesota, Mesabi is a favorite of U-pick farms and home gardeners alike! It is a June bearing strawberry, yields loads, and is super hardy and disease resistant. I also couldn't find plants for this variety this year. Sads. So, instead I gave two varieties a go that I haven't tried before, Allstar and Honeoye. Well see how they do!

IMG_2102 (1).JPG

And it is from my perch in a most comfortable new chair that I shall now bid you all adieu for the evening. It's low carb pizza time! I hope all your evenings are Resplendent!!!

And as always, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's rather razzled by all the Reiterating iPhone.

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Low carb pizza... sign me up, Kat:) This was rewonderful post. I can't wait to see your strawberry harvest. I am sure they will be relicious. Now I am hungry, which is good because I can smell that my burgers are ready:)


Well, I am seriously glad that you had something cooking before you read my post, ha ha! There's tends to be a lot of edibles showcased to be sure, and don't worry, I haven't forgot my Pryde Pizza project! Maybe I'll actually get to that broccoli and cheese yumfest this week, here's to hoping! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend and have a very lovely Mother's Day!!


Thank you, Kat, and Happy Mother's Day to you too:)

Sounds like your day was resounding success. Dammit Kat, now you got me doing it too!

Have a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.


Heh. How refreshing to see that my plot is working as intended, 😆

Thanks for the Mother's Day well wishes, I hope your amazing mom has an excellent day as well:)

I am SO glad Spring is finally here too! You sound like you are getting so much done! You inspire me! Have a great weekend my friend!


Me too! I was up your way this morning to pick up a lawnmower battery and new chainsaw clutch, and I was all smiles as I looked out the car window at all of the sunshine and green leaves and grass! Hope you have the most marvelous Mother's Day, you are a pretty awesome inspiration yourself:o)!

Well it certainly sounds like Spring has Sprung and fun is around simply for the taking! The chair looks fantastic and the taste of fresh strawberries will soon be yours! Have a most splendid weekend!!


I cannot wait until fresh strawberry cheesecake, cake, smoothie time. Hmm...it looks like I have a bit of a strawberry affection problem, but they are seriously so yum! The new chairs are already beloved, and I hope that you too have an amazing weekend my friend!

That is a lovely chair!! We sold all our furniture when we moved, so we're still using a large folding table and folding chairs, but once we're finished with getting interior doors, trimwork and fencing we'll get a REAL dining set! Lol...


As a girl who grew up with my entire bedroom consisting of two rubbermade containers and had a card table for a dining room table many years, I offer you a moment of solidarity and empathy. Of course there is nothing wrong with improvising and making do, but I will be so totally happy for you when you get all of your construction done and get to the furniture part. There is something so cozy and homey about having a space finished:o)

And I so, so love the new chairs, they are so comfy, lol! Small pleasures, big enjoyment and all of that jazz! Hope you have the most magnificent Mother's Day my friend!

I hope all your evenings are Resplendent!!!

And a resounding you as well from these Kentucky folk!

I would say that 50 strawberry plants should keep your pantry stocked for a good while, then I recalled that your family enjoys berries as much as our family. :)


Berries are the bomb, to use an old and somewhat antiquated expression, XD!

Hope you and your family are enjoying a lovely Kentucky evening my friend!

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Thanks Q!

Well I could say re-branding if you want other words with r hahahaha but it was really eventful, looking at that Cow there I realised I haven't really seen a calf, it's like your home us around a farm?


What a wondeful Re-ply!:o) I live on a farm and have a steer living on the place, but my friend's farm is just down the road from us. The calf lives at her farm.


Wow thank you so much I think with a cow around, you got milk Hshahaha

That calf sure does appear to be plotting something in the way of an escape. By the way, there are jobs around here that will require young, ambitious helpers. I hadn't thought of your offspring yet, but now the idea is in my head!!!


LOL! The children are super excited about the tasks for J's Mom day! And Moo Bear is always plotting something...

Ridiculous! All of this repurposing, replanting , regenerating, repainting, restructuring. I like the chairs they look great. Isn’t it wild sending your daughter off to babysit? Remember your first babysitting job? Wow! They really grow up fast.
All so she can show her championship cow.
Glad to read a post , by you. I have been stuck in a box, that I am working my way out of. ❤️🐓🐓


Ah, I have missed you! This year has been a bit challenging so far it seems, I hope you karate kick your way out of that box, you are a massive asset to the Steemosphere:)

And yes, I can't believe that my girl is old enough to babysit, it just flies by for realz. Fair will be here before we know it, and I am so proud that she is so readily contributing the the cost of the project. It makes me feel like almost a competent parent, lol!

So glad to hear from you, hope you are having a most pleasant Florida evening!


We are already experiencing summer here, the heat is setting in, but I am determined to make more progress with landscaping the yard. We have 4 new young pulletts to add to our chicken collection. Such fun when they are young and learning the ropes of chickenhood. Thanks for your encouraging words. Your friend 🐓🐓

Déjame decirte que esto es un Repost Jajajaja esta muy bueno amigo, me distraje mucho leyéndolo tienes mi voto :D


Ha ha! Love your Reply, lol! Thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a great weekend!


Gracias amigo, espero lo mismo para ustedes :D

really you showing very wonderfull paint.this little cow,small plant,road,chair and paint obviously great cretivity of you..every photo you pic up very perfectly..just excellent shots photography..very well done..my dear friend. @generikat


Glad you enjoyed all of the photos @timuann:o) Thank you!