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While we love our life and sharing our abundance, the powers that be have not been supportive of our alternative lifestyle.

In August 2013, the City of Arlington sent a fully armed black ops SWAT team to raid our property. They broke down the gate, stormed our land, pointed machine guns at our naked babies and separated them from their mother, held our people hostage for 10 hours, destroyed our crops, and stole our sustainable building material - all based on bogus claims that we were a highly armed drug trafficking cartel.

Needless to say, they found nothing to substantiate their lies, and left without so much as an apology. 

Our @everlove called out the dishonor during the raid, and many officers replied that they were just there "doing my job" because they "need to feed their family". Ever love, @everlove offered that they lay down their guns and bring their families back so she could feed them.

No officers accepted her offer.

As atrocious as the event was, the global outpouring of support we received has been heart warming and motivational! We live a life based on values rather than "supposed to", "have to", and "should", and the reality of this vortex has deeply moved countless individuals towards embodying their own highest good. 

Now, we request assistance for the lawsuit we have filed to hold these "authorities" accountable for their actions.

We are taking a quick comment survey that will be used to help us in our lawsuit against the City of Arlington for their unlawful August 2013 SWAT raid. 

Please give us a brief moment of your time:

We have received a phenomenal outpouring of support from this initiative, and we are so thankful for everyone's kind words! Here's a sample of what some people are saying:

"In an environment that combines all aspects of ones life into a complete picture, the GOE provides me an optimal form of introspection. It feels that there is a common understanding among those who live there to look within to address personal problems, rather than projecting or displacing those issues onto someone else. When I visit I am reminded of just how peaceful my world is capable of being." -- Cassie H.

"I'd always felt like examples of alternative community must all be far away, and far out there in terms of common belief systems. To discover that one existed within range of me, where I could see ideas that heretofore I'd been one of very few I knew had even been talking about, much less trying - being actually implemented in a small farm setting on the outskirts of a metroplex like this one, was monumental." -- Daryl S. 

"Life here at the Garden has been invaluable. I've learned so much about myself and the world we live in. I've had to pleasure of learning many useful skills. I was taught what values really are, and I've met people that walk the walk. Quinn, especially. It's been the most inspiring and hopeful experience in my life, to know that there are people dedicated to love, truth, sustainability, and overall making the world a peaceful one." -- Riley E.

"Visited the GOE many times and always learned something new! The vibe was always different depending on who was there, but I loved that it was always an open and inviting space for all to share their knowledge...I love the GOE because I know there is a place that is doing everything they can to educate people on sustainability, providing food, clothing, and goods to those in need, and that it truly takes a village to live an abundant life. " -- Debbie L.

"I feel at home at the garden. I love the hugs and warm welcomes every time I come over to visit." -- Amy H.

"Hope in a hopeless world." -- Justin L.

"GOE is truly the most innovative and transformational experience I've ever had...They are one of the most powerful and productive humanitarian and educational entities in the country...and I've had the opportunity to work with a lot. Take one area (sustainability, barter/trade exchange, music, crafts, high art, successful off grid living, innovations in learning, birthing, nutrition, housing and healing arts to name a few) of what they do and I can promise you it will surprise you the knowledge base, the worth and the reach. I could write for days. What they need is additional funding to grow - not restriction and persecution. Their influence even caused my family to raise a garden that fed 10 family members - and we're just getting started!! They are shining examples of new paradigm living ❤ " -- Wauketa O.

"The members of The Garden of Eden have been such amazing neighbors, the likes of which I have never seen. They have provided us with groceries, labor, education for our garden and much more. They have been a wealth of emotional support and parenting advice, and are always available for a much needed hug and reassurance that everything will be okay! I am so thankful for their presence in our community." -- Lorin Z. 

"Hacking out understandings, definitions and actions of peoples spiritual expression is a freedom we grew up enjoying. I stumbled into these folks as friendly as could be...I need a type of time out of our world not offered much or many places. I can take a time out just be." -- Wayne S.

"Words really can't express how amazing, loving, kind, compassionate, peaceful, and hard working Shellie and the GOE people are. A community built on sustainability with nothing more then great intentions to provide a peaceful environment for all. The only thing they ask in return is to truly open your heart and share with the rest of the world that a community can live with a abundance without depleting this earth's natural resources." -- Corrina B. 

"I am always in search for kindness and love, I am grateful to each I find. It is beautiful and uplifting to see a group of humans share and give so openly as I have watch you do." -- Alexis K.

"I found the Garden of Eden almost 9 years ago through the WWOOF program (World World Opportunities on Organic Farms) as I had an interest in organic farming and they were a local volunteer opportunity. My husband and I, along with our children attended Sunday potlucks at the garden as well as their ecovillage tours and discussions on sustainable living. This experience has taught me many things including: using recycled materials to reduce landfill waste, being open to the benefits of composting human waste, reducing dependence on electricity (heating/cooling) and the physical and mental benefits of being able to acclimate to various weather conditions just to name a few. When our family owned business was struggling, I contacted the Garden of Eden for a possible work trade of which they quickly and generously provided. I worked in their garden learning how to harvest culinary herbs in exchange for a generous donation of food for our family. This was a wonderful trade as I was able to do something I love (gardening) and our family was able to save money on food during a difficult financial time. In addition, the inhabitants of the Garden of Eden have inspired me towards living life more authentically by not succumbing to popular beliefs on matters of money, work and relationships. These seeds of inspiration are indispensable to me and have led me to where I am now. I have adopted and been practicing for over a year now, compassionate, non violent parenting where I revere and respect my 4 children instead of authoritarian style parenting where my children are consistently denied validation and unconditional love. Our household is now filled with more joy and peace as a result of the positive changes...I am very grateful and consider it a blessing to know this divine group of people striving for better living not only for themselves but for the whole world ❤" -- Susan J.

"The Garden of Eden has undeniably been the turning point of my life. It has shown me a way of living that I have dreamed of and I've been offered the support and guidance every step of the way in my own journey. I fell in love with the The Garden of Eden and everyone in it during my stay in 2014. My own conscious evolution was born in the presence of Quinn Eaker. He helped me break free of my limiting beliefs that kept me a slave to my fears for all my life. Because of him, the rest of the community (whom I'm so honored to call my friends) and everything the GoE stands for, I've been able to live more freely and more sustainable as I help others along my path. Since my experience there left such a deep-seated impact in my heart, my children have been blessed with an empowered mother (thanks to Quinn). I feel that the people who are lucky enough to come across the Garden of Eden and Quinn are not only profoundly impacted but they share the knowledge of evolution and a new paradigm; causing a ripple effect that is undoubtedly changing the world one free mind at a time. I cannot express how grateful I am for their existence and everything they're doing. ❤" -- Claudia L.  

"The GOE has had a profound impact on my life and the way I view the world. It has shown a new way of living and what it means to be a loving human being that is beyond rare in this country. Their existence is a tremendous gift to this community, country, and planet. Even if some do not recognize it, it is upgrading all the humans who come in contact with it." -- Ross D.

"The people at Garden of Eden actually care about other people. It is something rare to find. I went there just to have a get away from the day to day stuff and found a group of kind warm hearted people that are enthusiastin about life and want to make a difference in the world." -- Marie C. 

"I've been blessed to spend time with the beautiful GOE residents on many occasions and have been touched each time with the bounty of their open, generous hearts. I've had them cater an event as well and was truly delighted with everything they served and the joy with which they created and shared it. I love these beautiful people and am always touched by them." -- Zedrouh R.

"Just knowing ya'll are there helps me." -- David K.

Per his norm, @quinneaker has some profound words for our supporters:

"Wow! so awesome to see the actuality of all of the real value we have shared together. I appreciate and am profoundly touched by the words that are not only very supportive but in which I can FEEL THE TRUTH and actuality of not just the nice words.

Words are powerful but ACTIONS are where the real power is. The Garden of Eden and I have been walking the walk for a long time and everyone commenting on here is obviously a part of that in some way or another and it is all of us who are The Garden of Eden. Together we can achieve amazing things and we can all do our part. Just a testimony here is a part of that, a day as a volunteer, a donation or a prayer of support.

Thank you all for helping The Garden of Eden achieve the truly profound and extraordinary results and the whole new level that awaits us all!"

Thank you so much for your time and attention! We are fortified by your support, and we hope you are inspired to be the change you want to see in this world!

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Arlington? Really? I need to make time to come visit... only a couple of hours away... and I could really use some like minded people to talk with now and again.


Really!!! So we are neighbors @tony.jennings!! There is always great power in coming together--supporting each other makes life so incredibly juicy. Seems we have much in common!


Gah, Arlington Texas! I was thinking Arlington Virginia!


Aargh---that is a bit of a trip!! But some things are definitely worth the extra effort. We're in the states----that is closer than many!! Sending you some high vibes @tony.jennings.

We are all connected in profound ways I'm so grateful to be a part of this cutting edge community and truly blessed by all the outpouring of love and good vibes sent our way. Thanks for the post--a great reminder of the profound nature of @quinneaker's vision and the love felt through living true to those values. Blessed beyond measure.


To see the impact we have on one another is incredible indeed! Thanks for being part of this, @everlove!


Pinching ourselves in near disbelief everyday that we get to live such an incredible life!!!

I'll read this later this week. Thanks for sharing.


Hope you find it uplifting! Thanks for tuning in~*~

I live on the other side of the world and support what you are doing 1000%