Shopping for my niece

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I'm often amazed at the lengths marketers go to attract our attention and help us part with our money. We certainly live in the age of consumerism and many succumb to the lure dangled in front of them and before long are handing over money to purchase whatever new thing the marketers put in front of them.

I'm not typically that way inclined preferring to buy things when I need to and getting the most amount of use out of the things I have before buying more. Usually, but not always.

Recently one of the national supermarket chains here in Australia recently caught my attention and turned me into a bit of a zombie, or maybe a puppet on a string is a more apt description but before you judge let me explain. Then you can judge.

As you all know there's not much I wouldn't do for my little niece @smallsteps who has me wrapped around her little finger. So, when I saw the supermarket promotion I thought of her immediately. So yeah, I guess I'm blaming my two and a half year old niece for my shopping addiction.

The promotion: The supermarket released a series of Disney-branded tiles, small pieces of metal printed with Disney characters on one side and letters of the alphabet on the other. They also had a foldable game-board on offer, with designated spots to locate the tiles which held them in place.

It was a pretty simple concept that required the shopper to do their weekly shop in the supermarket and in reward for doing so they would receive some tiles. Considering we do our weekly shop at their supermarkets we thought it would be a good idea to collect them for my niece; She's bilingual, that means speaks two languages, with Finnish being her first language and we thought the tiles might help with her english.

For the last several weeks we've been slowly collecting the tiles and enthusiastically locating them on the board in their designated spot. The idea is to collect all 36 tiles and have some additional ones so that there were doubles of the letters. The problem was that they were wrapped so we couldn't see what we were getting.

The promotion has come to a close now and unfortunately we are 3 tiles/characters short from completing the full set but we have about 50 spare tiles, doubles of characters, all with various letters on the back so it'll have to do.

We're a little disappointed that we can't finish the set but I think @smallsteps won't mind so much. She is such a lovely little girl, good-natured and caring so I'm sure she'll have a lot of fun with it regardless.

Today I posted it to Finland which, from here in Australia, will take around 7-10 days. We send a little stuff here and there and always receive a video once the packages arrive which makes us very happy. She's always so amazed at what she pulls out of the boxes we send and hopefully this time will be the same. You'll see in the image to the right I have spelled out our names. The other day she spelled my name out with the little letters she has at home already which is a pretty cool thing to be able to to at her age, especially considering she has to think in two languages. She's a smart cookie...Takes after her uncle. (If you know me you know that's not true at all...If you don't know me...Yeah, I'm at genius level!)

So, now I've explained my shopping addiction I think it'll make more sense. To be honest we didn't shop any more than we normally do however were able to snaffle additional tiles each time we went because the register girls know us pretty well. This is a good thing considering that they handed them out at the rate of 1 tile for every $30 spent! That makes these tiles more expensive than an ounce of silver!

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - @galenkp

P.s. If anyone wants to hit me up on Discord: @galenkp#9209

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Haha trying to pass the blame on to @smallsteps for falling into the consumerism trap. ;-)

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Gotta blame someone mate...Watch out, might be you next time! 😂

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Yes must be very very careful when out in those shops many dangers lurking about.

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Maybe you could post on a local social media and ask folks in the area to spot you some of your missing tiles. I'm always impressed by how many people will help out a kid. It certainly is very sweet of you to have gone to the trouble already.

I'm not on social media at all so can't do this. They did have swap-meets but I wasn't inclined to go. Not my thing. Too many people. She will love what she gets and won't care the dermis not complete. There's loads of spares and and she'll enjoy making words. I could have sent the most mundane thing and she would value it. She is a good little thing.

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Was gonna suggest the same thing - swap meets :) they're no that bad, really, but I guess this works too. I'm sure she won't mind not having the complete set (most of it is pumped up just to have more to sell). Anyway, she'll be too busy being happy about the package her uncle sent ;)

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Yeah, she loves her uncle the best... Seriously, she told me. Well, she didn't say it in that many words really, but I think she does. 🤔

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I'm sure she does :)

Hey, @galenkp.

That's great. Spoil her from half a world away. :)

I can't say I'm in the shopping mode for my grandchildren yet, but my wife is, so I think she's doing enough for the both of us. Things for little ones has never been my forte, though every once in a while, there's an obvious choice.

Disney is one of those. And right now the grand daughter likes the Frozen characters the best, but slightly before that it was Tangled, and a little more before that, it was Moana.

I think at whatever point she ends up in Disneyland and sees any of those characters, she's never going to want to leave. She may want to go home with them. :)

I think it's great that you have your niece to care and think about. That's awesome. We all need little ones in our lives, one way or another. Helps us to be just a little less cynical, and a little younger ourselves. :)

I think if I was there in Finland I wouldn't buy as much as as I could just be with her and that would make me feel good. To be honest we don't buy that much, some clothes and books etc. It makes us feel good and she gets a buzz out of it. I think shell enjoy the little Disney tiles I sent today, she is grateful for anything.

Here's the thing though, nothing can beat a @smallsteps hug so maybe I could send myself there and claim one...😆

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That would definitely be the videos of all videos to see her face, especially if you stepped out of packaging or something to give her a hug. :)

I understand exactly what you mean by just being with her is enough. That's exactly how I feel about the grand daughter. So far, that seems to be enough for her, too, but she's not quite two yet. I'm afraid that's going to change, and probably sooner than later. :)

Sometimes wr need to sacrifice for the better good and I think education and a smile of those we love are well worth it. I wonder if an online marketplace like eBay would have thenmissing tiles? I think she will love it!

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She will love it...Yeah, I could buy some off eBay I guess but I don't think I'm going to stress over it too much. She will enjoy it regardless. Hope your Friday is going well mate. Friday night here and you know what that means...Weekend. 😜

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Just getting start for me! Have a great one!

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They're is light at the end of the Friday-tunnel my friend.

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I always used to think I was defective as the more marketing I saw for something the less inclined I’d be to buy it (and sometimes I would go as far as to avoid the places doing the advertising). Then I started seeing anti-consumerism stuff and figured maybe it’s a superpower 🤣

For the next time you’re feeding your shopping addiction collecting stuff for small, there are probably work colleagues and friends and family and stuff who will have spares you can trade if you’re short a set. I only know anything about those promotion things as the gym sometimes becomes unofficial swap meet when they’re on 😆

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Yeah I hear you. It's not something I would normally do but it seemed appropriate for small and so we went ahead. We shop there mostly anyway.

We certainly don't subscribe to the whole consumerism thing generally preferring to buy what we need and when...But for her royal smallness...Well, I'll do anything for her. ☺️

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Can't wait to get it! Thank you Uncle G!!

When it arrives, I will make an awesome video of me playing :)


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Those do look pretty cool, I have to say.

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Just a supermarket promotion but one with greater interest and benefit than most I've seen. @smallsteps will love it. She's a smart kid already and making words is something she likes doing.

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