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RE: Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers: Where Will You Be?

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I reckon it's worth a go, HIVE I mean. You've put so much effort here on steem and with (seemingly) most of the cool kids moving over to HIVE...Well, move over and see what's up I guess. I will be. I'll drop past steem from time to time and who knows, maybe there's something to be said for posting/engaging on both? HIVE needs ya mate, the community needs ya.


There. A straight answer. No beating around the bush. I write a post. I hate the world. And it didn't scare you away.

I won't have the time to be on two though. Maybe I'll just curate on Steem. I dunno.

I needed to know where everyone is going to be. I looked around all day. Everyone is moving. EVERYONE. I'm having flashbacks of the time my ex took everything including the fucking shower curtain. All I had was mattress on the floor that stunk like camper, for three weeks! Now I'm just trying to be funny but it's true...

I can't do both though. I'd just end up being lazy on one. I can bring eyes to Hive. If it's working out maybe I will use my influence to nudge a few folks. For now though I just don't want to be responsible for setting someone up for failure. Do you know how many people I got pumped up about Steem? A lot. Now I feel like I've let them down. I'm rambling. Sorry man.

You haven't let anyone down, they did that themselves. It was their choice. Steem sucks mostly, but I'm still here enjoying it and wouldn't think to blame the person who on-boarded me...Some dude called @tarazkp or some such stupid name. Lol.

HIVE needs people like you to guide, direct and show a good example...I'll be honest, I sort of see myself as one such person, but not to the degree of the cool kids and high-flying accounts that exist far above me in the stratosphere. Still, we all play a part and together we can make a difference...Maybe...

I mean look what we did...The Community, when Sun came along...Boom, HIVE exists. That was the community, and some of those high-flyers I mentioned above.

I don't know man, let's see...We may end up sleeping on a mankey fucked up mattress with no shower curtain...Or not.

Thanks for the upvote. Unnecessary, but appreciated.

Steem was starting to suck. I didn't even feel comfortable posting in a community because I saw people groaning about how anyone who does is just chasing votes and sucking up.

My on-boarding attempts were mostly fails. I was shooting high though, contacting some established talent. It usually boils down to not having time to create exclusives. Most folks don't want to double dip and they can't halt their usual stream of content to create a PSA asking followers to move over to a new platform, as that might hurt their current space where they're enjoying success.

I was talking more about motivational posts. I encouraged a lot of folks to stick around. Now if I did that I think I'd look foolish.

I see STEEM is pumping now. That'll mess with a few minds. I'll get to watch folks who were all in on Hive suddenly shift gears. It's never about the money it's the community LOL!

Today I looked around and did the opposite of what everyone else was doing, with this post. I'll try posting some actual content and if its ignored and the brownnosing cheerleader type posts get all the play, I'll know it'll be like that forever. I don't want to see that happen. Wasted potential. Rambling.

I didn't actually mean to upvote that high LOL! I haven't set the default comment vote weight and forgot to slide it over... LOL! I bet you felt special.

Haha, yeah very special...I can return it if you like...Steem is pumping after all. Lol.

I think it's early days man. Let's just see where it goes...I'm thinking of opening a toilet paper factory so if HIVE or steem doesn't work out maybe you can come on as head of the testing and development team. Lol.


Did I pass the test?

Dear Mr. Nonames

We are pleased to offer you the position of chief toilet paper testing coordinator. We feel confident you will thrive in this demanding but rewarding role and that you will lead your team with the same efficiency and solutions-driven ethos in which you have interviewed.



The Steem-Tron Toilet Paper co.

Hey. Listen. About that. Yeah. I can't come in to work tomorrow. I know it's my first day, but I'm not feeling well and won't be able to perform my duties.


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