I know I'm in the UK but I' going to have to take the Fifth on that one sir. It happens a fair bit though across the service sector. In truth though I'll just refuse service if I'm getting annoyed. English licensing laws are an interesting beast, as you do not have to give a reason to refuse service. So as long as I don't go against the Equality Act of 2010, I could refuse you service if I did not like the way you looked at me. Then if you refuse to leave after being asked three times you're breaking the law and the police will come and remove you.

That's fair enough, I probably wouldn't have answered it either. I'm not much of a drinker, don't really hang out in pubs and certainly don't think the twat tax would apply to me anyway but was just curious.

Now if candid with you, it would all depend on circumstance and the time of day. If you came in late over Christmas in big group , you could be the nicest people on earth and you'd probably still be taxed in one form or another. The truth is that unless you're in a high end establishment, a niche craft ale or cocktail bar or a 'Ma & Pa' family run operation most people are just doing this job to make ends meet. And I think as you move more towards late night bars and clubs the people serving you are a lot more cynical and jaded due to the 'Party Scene' environment and things which are in a grey area of ' acceptable' become the norm.

Yes, I agree with you here...All reasons why I don't go to places like this much.

I can hardly blame you mate, . On my time off I don't spend it anywhere which remotely resembles my work but try to experience new things and meet new people (or I read junk food fiction sci-fi books). Also I feel that if a person does want to enjoy a glass or two it is so much cheaper and the company is better in the comfort of your own home and to reference some of our previous conversations its a lot safer to relax at home if imbibing these days.

Yes, exactly! I prefer the outdoors and selective company, both of which I can't generally get in a pub situation. There's so much more in life to be discovered and learned and I don't see the inside of a pub helping with that. :)

'I prefer the outdoors and selective company' I whole heartedly agree with that statement sir. And yes a pub can be a good way to spend a few hours and unwind but more and more I feel that alcohol is a key part in the modern version of 'Bread & Circuses' but instead today people have their 'Beer & Baccy'.

I'm not much of a drinker, one or two here and there, but not daily or even weekly. I think there's too much reliance put on it to provide stimulus to people...I don't need it as I get plenty from the many hobbies I do etc.