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RE: Vlog 217: Soon we will have a million accounts on the Steem blockchain + other cool stats.

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Of all the cool things you said, something caught my attention really fast: quicker sign up process coming up in the 20th fork!

Now, this is VERY important for people who are ignorant about the blockchain. Making the whole system easier to grasp by someone who has no particular interest in the blockchain, but wants to use the cool apps built on the STEEM blockchain everyone is talking about.

Then we already address to a MUCH LARGER audience!

Nonetheless, impressive growth and activity! :) I also just wrote a post about it.


When is this 20th fork happening?

Yup, we all would like to know the date. This post is kind of old, but explains what hard fork 20 should be all about:

Very nice. Thank you.

We'd all like to know.

Oh ok, lol :)