Vlog 217: Soon we will have a million accounts on the Steem blockchain + other cool stats.

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The Steem blockchain continues to grow and at a faster and faster pace.

More people are joining and there is ever increasing development on new and existing projects on the Steem blockchain.

This process will only increase in the future in my opinion.

One of the reasons this is all possible is because the Steem blockchain can already scale and handle more transactions then any other blockchain at the moment.

This is resulting in some cool stats:

Some amazing numbers on this blockchain

750.000+ accounts in total created on the Steem blockchain since it's creation.

40k new accounts created every week. And at this speed a million accounts is not far of.

60k+ active accounts every day on the Steem blockchain and growing.

48% of all the transactions of all the blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin ect.) combined are happening on the Steem blockchain.

The Steem blockchain is handling 1.6 million transaction per day on average. With only 0.14% load on the network. (Ethereum is second with 800.000 transactions on average with 100% load) source.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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The Steem blockchain is getting stronger and making success every day, with the activities going on it and the system running more successful, it really great.
The Steem blockchain is now heading to the spot light.


Part of last year was the entry for steem.
Price were roaming around $1.89+
This year just 2 months in, price roam just around $3+
If you are not here for the long run, the true value of steem will pass you by.
Amazing stats and they are growing by numbers as more steemians stay engage.
More and more applications are coming over.
You can access steem through an array of apps.
Good posts as always.
Keep on steemin'

Nice to see you again!

Wow Steemit and Dtube is growing very fast youtube must be worried some what.. give Dtube 12 months then see how big it will become.

Exactly! <3

More and more are flocking to Dtube. Next stop....the moon! 😁

I will like to hear you on SMT and when it is gonna launch? There is still no news how it is being developed and when will come to the full action?

750.000+ accounts wow that is something ! I cant wait for steemit to grow even more and maybe one day Dtube will stay strong next to youtube and Amazon .

STEEM is 60% of my portfolio, because i think STEEM really undervalued right now, the more user will grow so as the businesses client. (In the future, Zuckerberg will volunteer as a witness in STEEMIT.COM.) lol. :D


Its a good sign @exyle .This is my 20th day on steemit.Although I haven't made much steem from here,Im sure that I can very soon!

I have read a lot of stories of people from across the word describing how this platform changed their life.

Within these days,I have learned a lot..I'm reading a lot and also trying to write a lot.These things really makes me a better human indeed!

Steemit really is a great site!

You are in here since just 20 days. Even if you made 1 steem in these 20 days then that is a big achievement. It usually takes a lot of time to earn some steem here. In early days learning how steem works is important. Good luck with your future on steem block chain.

I believe that every STEEM you earn today is precious because they will be harder and harder to earn in the future when the platform grows and a late welcome to Steemit!

Amazing stats
these numbers are increasing day by day
Alexa ranking is also improving , we are going to come in first thousand.
Brace yourself good thing are in the way.

Haha hello zuckerberg!;)) I hope you are here because of good intentions?)))


True, #1,046 at the moment!

Hi @exyle !As always a wonderful post!I'm watching you!;)


Your comment is so perfect.

There will sure come a day mr markzuckerberg when the steem block chain will overtake your facebook. Start counting your days. We are almost there.

Could Steem be the perfect crypto?

Transactions - Check....Thriving community - Check....Innovation Daily - Check! Maybe I'm biased but I love this place :)

Easy signups sounds great! Huge potential for mass adoption after that especially with all these YouTube stars coming over to the good side of the force.

So much excitement and projects coming....It's hard to keep up to date lol

Oh BTW, been really enjoying your daily vlogs man. The enthusiasm for this space is contagious. Keep it coming and witness vote has been thrown your way from this minnow :)

Thanks man!

There is no such thing as bad publicity and yes we surpassed 750,000 accounts a few days ago; I started when there were 480,000 in December so this happened fast. At this rate we will reach 1 million in about 6 weeks. Yeehaw!

Damn 1.6 million transaction daily - on a side note i got my wife and a good friend to join our Steemit community! (truthfully i threaten them to make one to upvote me)

lol! Congrats on getting them to join!

when you think about it, really is incredible what's happening on this blockchain, may it long continue! :)

What has been build and development on the steem blockchain blows my mind. And it's not even 2 years old.

amazing growth and with a great speed.. 2018 will be huge

I heard the interview between @dan and @ivanli last week. I had no idea the throughput of the Steem blockchain. @dan also explained why. 🤖🤖🤖

Thanks for sharing that. I missed it.

Wow.....Such fantastic news to steemians. Platform grow fast very soon. Why steemit very speedy recovery? Steemit requires no initial investment in order to participate. It’s free to use and you’re not spending your own money when you upvote content you like. Steemit is just the first minimum viable product on Steem, a blockchain-based social economy. The Steem developers have bootstrapped an entire economy, complete with its own crypto-currencies. Steem is peer to peer, decentralized and therefore unstoppable. So I trust steemit will be glorious media platform in future.Thanks for update.

I most like to steemit bcoz we can find 'EVERYTHING IS ONE PLACE". The Steem system has a lot of moving parts, so keep reading to get a head start. It’s taken me several weeks to research this, get familiar with the community and to put it all into this easy-to-read guide you can master in less than an hour. If we want to steemit growth international level please check Alexa's rank. Daily, weekly and monthly join community huge. Steemit enables you to earn cryptocurrency by creating content, curating it, trading. So no wonder to me. It definitely done.

I guess I would add. It's free to join.

Well I am not surprised to here this because I have always known that steem and steemit had so much potential .

The Steem blockchain is handling 1.6 million transaction per day on average. With only 0.14% load on the network. (Ethereum is second with 800.000 transactions on average with 100% load)

I don't seem to understand what you guys mean when you say the steem blockchain handles so much transaction with just 0.14% load on the network...what's the implication of having 100% load on the network and of what benefit is having just less load on the network to the steem blockchain chain.

When the load is 100% you can't handle any more transactions than the max.

We have seen Ethereum and Bitcoin run into these problems where they need to handle more transactions than the blockchain allows. When this happens you get a backlog of transactions waiting to be confirmed.

You basically get a traffic jam on the the blockchain. And unless you pay a high fee to get in front of the line you will just have to wait it out untill your transaction clears.

STEEM does not have this problem because we are very far from maximum load. No traffic jams on the steem blockchain.

Wow then this is an exceptionally good news and to think we are already this much and have achieved this much on steemit while carrying out transactions with only 0.14% load on the network is simply mind blowing

With the upcoming release of new developments like SMT, the stats will only get better with the blockchain barely breaking a sweat! Thank you for the positive update!

"48% of all the transactions of all the blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin ect.) combined are happening on the Steem blockchain."

That is an insane stat, and a really big deal. Once people start to catch on that Steemit is not only profitable, but an actual real world useful blockchain, I think it is going to explode.

Of all the cool things you said, something caught my attention really fast: quicker sign up process coming up in the 20th fork!

Now, this is VERY important for people who are ignorant about the blockchain. Making the whole system easier to grasp by someone who has no particular interest in the blockchain, but wants to use the cool apps built on the STEEM blockchain everyone is talking about.

Then we already address to a MUCH LARGER audience!

Nonetheless, impressive growth and activity! :) I also just wrote a post about it.

When is this 20th fork happening?

Yup, we all would like to know the date. This post is kind of old, but explains what hard fork 20 should be all about: https://steemit.com/steemit/@steemitblog/proposing-hardfork-0-20-0-velocity

Very nice. Thank you.

We'd all like to know.

Oh ok, lol :)

Excellent video friend and this reminds me bitcoin and facebook story when facebook in early days has 20k active accounts no body knows it but once it's active member's grow then it gradually becomes viral sort of thing and today even my 3 year old boy know about facebook and same case with bitcoin and now i the way steem blockchain active user's are growing, i hope it will become viral sort of thing soon and then we surely see great boost in steem coin price, so for now we all just need to buy and hodl steem, thanks a lot for sharing this information with us, Stay blessed

We are steadily heading for exponential growth and I guess HF 20 with easier sign-ups is far way.

The dTube preview image should definitely be bigger on Steemit

There are several people who are quite successful on youtube are moving or have moved to steemit. I actually came to steemit following a youtuber. If we can start this trend this will be a serious disruption quite literally.

WOW!!! ethereum is second and steem is doing twice as much!?! IMPRESSIVE! Great post! Happy days :)

Hey @exyle, thanks for the insights. It seems the Steem blockchain is the blockchain ... this is good. Looking forward to the future with Steem ...

steemit is the way forward

I really enjoy your posts...steem is gonna rock it I agree

We want SMTs, we want SMTs, join me in the chant!

Just found you, i'm quite new to dtube (from YouTube with about 6k subs) and appreciate the information you are giving for the new people. Thanks I subscribed and look forward to your next video -KleshGuitars

2018 will be huge @exyle and I like your post ❤️

I see your post all the time, and now finally

I got a chance to read and listen 👂

Pretty cool 😎 I’m a new follower...upvoted!

Great idea in blockhain :) i will follow you and please a my cont)

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Thank You! ⚜

Nooo.. I Thanks you.. Please for me watch

i am always saw your dtube video

Great idea in blockhain :) i will follow you and please a my cont)

Very nice post! It's nice to be apart of the community and to see that it's growing so rapidly! Let's Go Steemit!!@exyle

it's very great news for blockchain, good think, numbers are increasing day by day, thank you @exyle

We most contributed on all accounts to add more people on steemit, this it's our mission and destinations, let's conversation be decentralized!

very nice boss
the boss is a genius

boss rock my vote boss

Wow.. I love this, this is very amazing and I'm glad it's going bigger here day by day.. More achievement to come

It is good to grow more, pessimism is open to debate. I think it is better to grow steadily.

@exyle Steem has a potential of becoming more accepted than any other crypto

Extacly @exyle i am one of the newest too.. There are more coming to koin steem community.. I like your post. Keep it up

Special introduction to @exyle from me @ suhadi-gayo, hopefully you can also see and give input by opening the material space for discussion on post in my account. thank you

The numbers are too great.
Another cool vlog man.
It is turning out to be my daily dose :)

The community is really growing spontaneously, thanks to the people like you who help in creating awareness. I am so happy to be among this growing community in its early stages. Predicting great things in this community and I wait anxiously to see what becomes of the new and old users. All together, this steem community is awesome.

Can't believe it, the stats are so brightest.
these numbers are increasing day by day just due to the steem's system.
I want to buy more and more SP.

This is great news, but for Minnows, it's also the double-edged sword. Having to buy Steem is going to be the only real way of creating the quality content that is needed here. I would love to see a few more changes to the system, for example, I can't find a way to list all the images i've uploaded. I would really like a simple 'index' page mechanic that is part of the account and not block chain (i.e so I don't go back to all articles and republish, so readers can jump between them) and so forth...

These are some fascinating numbers. The most fascinating thing about this blockchain is the transaction speed. It is literally just a matter of a click.

I like your post. do not forget Follow me @hazrami. thank you

Oh wow !! This in incredible 🙀

Steem is changing the world 😻

I am grateful that I found it in the early days 🤑

Thanks exyle for this information!!

Will also check the steemify app for ios 😃. That seems to be really helpful ✌🏻


And it's only february! We're up for a joy ride!
Rememeber - it is in your hands! If you're reading this - you can make your future! Spell your dreams and enchant your world! This reality is more than you know!

Thanks for being here for us!

More and more people are joining specially this year because of the promotional adds that the members are posting. I guess we can expect more opportunities for new authors. :)

Yea! So amazing how this community is expanding by the day. I am proud to be part of this community

Cheers to that.


I've been at steemit a few days ago, believe me Steemit will remain at the top of the day through social communication.i believe that the value of sbd will increase in a few days

Definitely, we all will be glad we joined when we joined

The numbers are amazing, the steemit developers have work in their hands to do to keep the website always up and available to use.

Hi I am 🆕
Help me

wow good news thank you D:]

you are right that is going o happen soon

Very good

Yes. Soon Steemit become big community.Thanks

growing numbers are the sign of bright future.

WOW! it is impressive how the community has grown every time taking more shape and I clearly see a promising future to this platforms that has come to change lives. I am very grateful to Steemit and people like you who contribute so much to this community ... thank you my friend!

Holy bananza... The Network is only 0.14% loaded with that much transactions!?
So we should be fine before we grow to 500,000,000 users :d

million account and that too at such a speed is like crazy to think about for a second wow this is the best thing that has ever happened

It's strange how I still feel like I recognize so many people around, but then again, the amount of people I am paying attention to is wild!

AMAZING!!! stats. Wow!!!

acapella severler kanalıma göz atabilirsiniz ... thanks

another 250k members is all we need. I think at current rate we will reach 1 million users in next 12 to 15 weeks. I hope it happens sooner than this.

At the same time the transaction on steem blockchain is very fast. It happens almost instantly unlike in bitcoin which takes 10 to 12 to finish transaction that to after a hefty fees. Bitcoin is good and all but steem is superior in terms of transaction speeds and it is free at the same time.

You are right.
Steemit is taking over gradually.
I am happy to be part of this great project

well post wait for long...really helpfull story fpr life thanks for shareing....

@exyle it is Growing So Fast it will be incredible once we get the price of STEEM to start Flying UP into the Double Digits....................

750k accounts now
20% monthly growth rate.
That means 5.5 million accounts by the end of 2018. Imagine that.
It should be a very good year.

wow i did not know steemit have that many account great overview in the video
Steemit is the social network of the future

I agree... and we're very lucky we are already here...

been using Steemit more often than other social media...

Yes @exyle you are right the blockchain Steem is a big project like no other and gives the impression of becoming among the leaders in the near future but I do not understand why the price of the steem remains a little stable in the 3 USD for a lot of days !

A few days back, I read a post where it was speculating that in near future, Steemit is gonna replace Facebook but I wonder whether Steemit has the capability to handle millions of users and transactions, so I'm glad to read your post. Expectations are good from this platform.
Need your support in growing. :)

I am proud to be a part of this move. Its not just changing lives financially but also bringing out the genius in people

Acapella dinlemek isteyenleri kanalıma bekliyorum arkadaşlar ... THANKS :)

Steemit will be leading every other social media into a new era😁

fantastic news cant wait, i will be buying more steem very soon, alts are set to soar very soon, eth sideways and bitcoin up a little, its time for the alts after what i have studied this passed 48 hours from some of the cryptocurrency experts on reddit, twitter , steemit, medium... get ready for some alt pries to head for the moon!

the more the people on board the more will be the fun this is just getting exciter with time

That's for sure.. Nice post... I love Steemit,, I love crypto.. and I'm very happy to be here.

Such a great figures reveal the power of STEEM blockchain! It's average Blockchain speed is twice faster than ETH blockchain. Amazing figures and this is what we call as crypto future! Great you decided to talk about it!


We will all have lambos soon

Do you think it's possible that major social platforms, like Facebook, would adopt crypto @exyle? And if so, would Steemit be able to withstand such a competition?

Steem is really a mind blowing platform! And am so happy to be a part of it

hallo tuan ! saya dari indonesia saya tidak begitu menguasai bahasa inggris namun secara garis saya mengerti apa yang tuan postingkan, dan saya sangat kagum akan keberhasilan tuan di steemit ini. Suatu saat nanti saya berharap bisa sukses di steemit seperti tuan @exyle saat ini. Mungkin tuan bisa membantu saya meraih kesuksesan dengan meng up vote postingan sederhana saya, terima kasih sukses selalu buat tuan @exyle.

That was a good story keep it up.

Nice writeup

Wow! Very nice

Sir, you said my mind. Never knew that such platform like this exist until this year, doing my part by creating awareness about this beautiful platform.
Happy to be part of steemit

Very good post, I will be following you, can you follow me please?

It's really cool invention! People are learning at the same time by reading all these interesting stuff on steemit🤘👍

on blockvity it has topped the charts certainly great thing is happening along good time for the blockchain to take a massive lead forward

Well said @exyle. I have a question: where can I find out how much liquid Steem is available vs Steem power? I remember seeing older posts of yours where you took screenshots from some page to display how much Liquid Steem in total is on the market and how much of the total steem is powered up.

I hope you can help me with this.


Nice... Lol.. I loveeee
Don't forget to check out my series too.. very interesting..


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