Flight To Mexico City

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The flight from Houston to Mexico City is reasonably short and since I was upgraded I hardly felt it. :) It was, in fact very pleasurable.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes until the flight attendant offered me a hot hand towel. These are one of my personal delights from first class. There are times at home that I let the water in the bathroom faucet get hot and wet a hand towel, squeeze it and then clean my hands and dab my face just to feel how nice it is. (If you haven’t done it I highly recommend it.)

Samantha, the flight attendant asked for my drink order and I indulged myself. Within a few minutes she was back with my drink and a small cup of warm nuts. Wow, I thought, and we haven’t even left the ground.

We were offered a grilled chicken breast on a bed of risotto or a Thai beef with vegetables. Since we were all flying in a sealed aluminum tube for the next 3 hours I thought I would be nice and avoid the Thai beef.
The entertainment was the only part of the flight I was disappointed in. In many of the newer planes the television sets are gone. So you have to rely on either your handheld device or your ninja skills of watching over someone else’s shoulder to see what they are watching…..obviously without the sound.

I went with watching a movie on my phone...but somehow rewatching Captain America isn't the same on a 4.7 inch screen.

Good night, Mexico City.


Excellent post dear friend @gabrielgrimes beautiful images, but the menu surely compensate for the lack of entertainment, thank you very much for sharing this post

:) Thank you @jlufer It was a great flight.

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