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Some people hate me, 5-6 people are dedicated haters of me. They will do whatever they can to black paint me.

It does not matter to these people what good I do, as their job is to stampede me as often as they can, and with the use of multiple accounts, the few dedicated haters look like a crowd for outsiders.

How they became dedicated haters often started with them being over the top fan of me, and demanded my responses and agree with them on everything. Or extreme jealousy.

There are about 100 sides to @fyrstikken, and if you google me you will find popular videos, memes, pictures, articles I have written, Interviews I have been on, TV-commercials and a lot more.

You will also find stuff that my dedicated haters make up on anonymous forums and chat rooms, I don't really care about what the dedicated haters do to me or write or speak about me in public. They don't get me down but they do succeed in making it harder to negotiate business under the fyrstikken brand.

Once or twice some of my dedicated haters get to know me and over time actually becomes a friend. I have received a meaningful amount of apologies over the many years.

Jealousy is the fuel of some dedicated haters, other want to silence me or discredit me for calling their shitcoin-bluff or pyramid scheme publicly.

As I said, there are 100 sides to @fyrstikken, and if you don't know me, you can get to know me by joining my discord server at https://discord.gg/sqxV63P and troll me as much as you want, or you can be a polite person and I will be polite back, but if you are anything else but polite you may find me yelling at you or others with some truth bombs in public as I could care less about what the dedicated haters are up to, they surely do not make money on being dedicated haters, and maybe they think that by being a dedicated hater they are able to stagnate the income from my business and hurt me financially. The fact of the matter is that it is impossible. My dedicated haters have spent money and time discrediting me, thinking they have succeeded. I look at them as losers who have spent money on stuff I really do not care about. I do not care about the fabricated opinions of my dedicated haters, I just recognize they exist and how they work.

Dedicated haters hate when I succeed in anything, nothing destroy their day more than when I am happy and have a good time which is about every day.

So dear fans and likers and followers, that is how it is to be @fyrstikken, I just have to allow them to exist because they make people interested in me enough to come and talk with me and get to know more the real me. Others are too afraid which they need not to be if their intentions are good.

Thank you <3 for taking the time instead of buying into the gossip that my dedicated haters put out there. If you have some dedicated haters too, please share your dedicated hater story with me. I am Interested in this type of psychology.


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You're not successful, that's the thing. You're just a wannabe. And, there are FAR more than 5-6, none of which are "dedicated" so your pathetic ass... Moron.


Upvoted, because I don't know if I should laugh, cry or something else??...

@berniesanders an annonymous super rich on Steem, with a lot of Steem Power... not sure what more to say?

Steem on!


don't give a damnn about haters hahah why you should think about those they will always try to poke but you keep doing your best :)

Your haters need to find better uses of their time. lol

I love to hate you, but mostly because you almost never upvote me ! :)...

Ignore the haterS.

Steem on !


they hate you because they cant reach your class 😍

Man, be happy always.
No matter what you do, there'll always be haters.
You are among the coolest people on steemit


It is people like you that makes it worth it to be here. If I cared about my haters I would not last a week here. I prefer being happy in any situation. Thank you for your compliment, I will do my best to keep living up to that.


I strongly Agree that fyrstikken is one of the most coolest steemitian here 😍😘


warming words, thank you!

Lol, most haters are people who dont understand or feel entitled to an answer from us.

Most people dont care to understand us or know if we're available to meet their demands, they just assume and go full rage mode.

I gotta say fryst, your ways are different from the norm, with all the interactions i see from you on steemspeak


You and I share a care in common for this blockchain. The dedicated haters seem to hate this blockchain as well.

Stay Cool Man

live and let live
dance like nobody is watching and live your dream!
to make it on here people have to have biz minds, minds like diamonds
Will be interesting to see the commentary on here!!!!! I really am interested in constructive dialogue, it's my thang!
Shine on!
Now I must dance!


DUDE.... that's the best ever! Not sure if this is really you...but if so you ROCK!!! If not you, it's a great find! Thanks for sharing either way.
WHAT AN UPLIFT!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍


no not me, he he, youtube common license....great song! he heeee

Fulfilment and frustration always go together.

Fulfilment is Pleasure and its Frustration is hate.

Hate is a form of frustration, is it not?

Potatoes gonna Potate. Nobody is more dedicated to the Steemit ecosystem then fry stick.

People go from humble to hater 0 to 100 real quick.....

Don't worry about the haters Boss Man. They will all die someday. You just keep on being awesome!
Haters gonna hate. Unfortunately you'll always get them.
Upvoted with 13 SP ( Sorry it's all I have )

You The Man Boss, you The Man!

Eh...you know what they say, hater's gonna hate. Keep up your positivity and you'll have no problems friend. Always look on the bright side of life. ☺️

Don't care what others think about yourself just do what you want to do in life good luck and thanks for sharing your true words with us thank you dear.

Let the light shine ... with Light there is darkness and we have to co exist I suppose so they put you on top regardless... #blessings

When you start getting haters, you're doing something right, they say.
Also, any type of publicity is better than no publicity, they say. :P
You're good in my books.

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Would you support this statement?

many of the French soccer team members have oompa loompa names.

I overheard someone say this, which gave me a low opinion of him. My question is aimed at clarifying my impression.

live and let live
dance like nobody is watching and live your dream!
to make it on here people have to have biz minds, minds like diamonds
Will be interesting to see the commentary on here!!!!! I really am interested in constructive dialogue, it's my thang!
Shine on!
Now I must dance!


this posted twice? cause the chain is constipated! wtf

There are always going to be haters @fyrstikken... sad people with too much time on their hands. And if you've been on the web for a long time... you will have dedicated haters. Most of mine are OFF Steemit, which is kinda cool... but they still hate, because I had the "cheek" to question the flaws in their thinking.

Oh well.

I remember someone once said to me "Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make YOURS burn any brighter!"

You encouraged me a lot when I first came to Steemit, and was pretty cool — so thank you for that!

Fyrst, we all have haters. The difference being, hating on me isnt very cool cause im still pretty small, but hating on someone that holds a million dollars of SP, now thats a white whale for captain Ahab to slay.

But with everything in life, it was something you did they hung onto, something you said, the way you said it.
If you dont try adjusting the way you act, in a way that will at least a little bit conform to the expectations of others in the society you are a part of, then you will get haters. You may get respect for it, but hate as well.
Its all human nature.
You can stand solo and profit, while the rest of us need to adjust to the society we are a part of to profit which is why you, along with your SP, you will probably get more hate then most.

You can never please everyone - to be truthful I don't know enough about what's going on other than a bunch of rocks being thrown - I know you from discord - you've never been anything but cool with me. I'm interested to see how ppl respond to this - and hope you will continue the discussion here / on steem speak So i can gain a better - more informed perspective. All the best. E.


So true. I did not target any specific people. Won't give them the satisfaction of advertising them. Lol.
sure come on discord, but you must be in the voice channel or else you miss the context of what we write in the text chat. Just mute or turn down the music bot.


Taking the dog for a walk will come to voice after - 20in or so. See you in a bit.

haters alway are a good sign that shows you do better with your own performance than theirs

hey fyrst hope you're well, upvoted because you're smiling for a change ;)

Well we can't please everyone. Let those haters hate and you continue to enjoy life. Because haters will have their heart rot while yours bloom. :) cheers. @fyrstikken

I think it is not so much of a tragedy to be hated with passion. Much worse it would be to be ignored. Indeed, as you already said, you actually can thank your dedicated haters for hating you. They pay into the world of @fyrstikken and also give you some training in communication. Actually, if you would not attract a certain form of emotion they would not visit you. So it's you as well who signals and makes himself attractive to haters. Just saying ;-)