Rewards Await You

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In the journey of life, sometimes we might be working under somebody and it might seems as if we are the one doing the whole work and despite that we are not getting the required motivation or benefits as required.

I have come to realized that whatsoever a man is doing,he is doing it for himself. The result might not manifest instantly but there is always reward for all we do.
Those that love to be lazy will surely reap the fruits and also those that are committed to do things with their might and abilities without considering what they will get in return will surely get the rewards in no time.


There was a story of one lady called Nancy, She worked at a small restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria. She waited on tables, cooked, cleaned, and she did them diligently.

One day her boss, the owner said that more and more customers were requesting deserts. At that time, the restaurant didn't offer any. The boss told Nancy she had to come in earlier to make deserts every morning.


Her first reaction was frustration. Nevertheless, Nancy decided to accept the new duty as a challenge. She set her sights on creating the best deserts she possibly could.
Nancy's doughnut caught on. Customers loved them. In fact, people came to the restaurant just to have a piece of her doughnut.

Her doughnut became so popular that she got help to open her own snacks company. Her little business began to grow that she open more locations.


The good work of Nancy and her commitment help her to attain such level of achievement in what she laid her hands on to do.

Beloved, keep a good work and positive attitude, always do the right things even when it's challenging. There is always a good reward for hardwork.


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Thank you @funkylove for sharing such a inspirational story about Nancy and her doughnuts.

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I really like this

I have come to realized that whatsoever a man is doing,he is doing it for himself

Work for others as if you are working for yourself.

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