Never Lose Hope

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Life is filled with ups and downs that if care is not taking one might give up on the pathway to the fulfillment of destiny.

If you are treading on any path and you are not faced with any challenges, you need to check yourself maybe you are really walking in the right path.

It is the challenges on the way that will really show that you are heading to a good ending.



It is when the journey gets tougher that you are closer to your destination.
No one can just sleep all nights and just wake up one day to achieve success. It requires persevere and determination to really overcome the discouragement on the way.

At the darkest moments of your life, there is always needs to depend on God to bring forth light.


There was certain time that some scientist carried out some experiments to really want to know how one can survive in darkness and also when there is opportunity of a flash of light in life journey.
They make use of rat as their specimen to carry out their research in order to know their attitude in the two situations (in darkness and a little light)

These scientists wanted to measure the power of attitude in rats; they wanted to see how rats' attitudes affect their passion to live. They put one rat in a large tub of water with high sides so it could not get out. Then they put the tub in a dark room. They timed how long the rat would keep swimming before it gave up. The rat lasted a little over three minutes.


Then the researchers put another rat in the same tub, but this time they allowed a bright ray of light to shine into the room.
The rat swarm more than thirty six hours; seven hundred times longer than the rat with no light.
Why was that? The rat with no light had no hope. When he looked ahead, he saw only darkness all over. But the rat that was able to see light use the reflection as source of hope which helps the rat to last longer than the other rat.


This just shows that we tend to survive more in our darkest moment when we have source of light through which we can tap from.

Never give up your hope when you are faced with challenges in your life journey but rather focus on God in whom you can tap light to guide you through those challenging periods.


Regards @funkylove



Hope : In good or bad times, one must always remember that the time will pass. In bad times it will assure the good times will arrive. And, in the good times it will prepare you for the bad times that may arrive.

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The ups and downs of should not stop us from succeeding!

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