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RE: As a Survivor of a School Shooting, I Suggest That We Ban All Public Schools

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Wow, that was an incredible post, as a former public school teacher I could not agree more and have come to all of those conclusions. I think brick and mortar public schools have one or two generations more, people who attended an online university won't balk at sending their kids to an online school and then there is the money, a municipality can fire all of its teachers and custodians and the bussing company, no more dirty expensive buildings full of asbestos and hazards, no more physical bullying, no more school shootings, no retirement funds, no more pencils, no more books. There is an app for that, city after city will make the switch when their budgets get tight. The app can monitor the child's location and activity and progress and provide them with personalized learning.


as a former public school teacher I could not agree more and have come to all of those conclusions.

Wow, glad to hear it from your mouth too!

Yes it seems like the latest generations are not impressed with our 'little red schoolhouse' version of life on Earth, and the traditions and rituals of school are becoming tedious now in the age of information at a glance. I can imagine local teaching and learning groups forming organically within communities who will find the thrift of their 'decentralized schools' to be superior to waiting for a bus or driving across town every day to pick up the children. It may be gradual, and may not make the evening news, but the community and home school fractal learning system is inevitable now.

I knew it was all over when I was showing the kids some of what I consider excellent cartoons and one kid wouldn't even pay attention for that, "If I wanted to watch that I could go home and watch it on youtube"

The kid couldn't have known the right search terms for the good stuff, 'tex avery', 'carl stalling', art, music and motion at it's finest!

In fact is was some classic Bugs Bunny I was showing!