Where have all the losers gone?????????????????????

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Was I the only one on this planet dumb enough to fall for the December 2017 pump and dump? Why does it seem like I am the only one who went all in, in mid December 2017 and lost it all. Every person I talk to on steem seems to be in a profit position overall on their portfolio and I have yet to meet one person who is down . Sure there are the bitconnect tools on YouTube, but I am not referring to bitconnect or lending platforms.

It would be really helpful if someone came forward, the market cap doubled in 5 weeks, so there has to be more people like me out there. Some days it gets tiring listing all the people on YouTube and here tell their stories of success, but their surely isn't anyone telling stories like mine. Has everyone else like me got discourage and left the crypto space or are they all just too embarrassed to tell their stories?

Now I am not talking about opportunity cost losses, I am talking about putting in FIAT and loosing it. I know people mortgaged their houses to buy bitcoin, when bitcoin was 20k, so a lot of these people have to be in a pretty rotten position right now, more so if they don't have money to service the debt while they wait for bitcoin to recover. Below are just a few examples of what I mean. I am just looking for a support network, it so hard to see the light, when you feel like you are the only loser in town.

Maybe coming to steem is the wrong place. There seems to be a lot of overly intelligent people on here, that have been involved in crypto for many years and that will trump anyone that decided to jump on board 9 years in like I did. If I didn't have my family business during that time, I would have probably been on board a lot sooner. But until it was destroyed, I never thought I had to save or invest, because everything I had was going in to my business.

Please, though it may be embarrassing, if you have a story of loosing in crypto, please let me know. It may even save my life.

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I've both squandered capital AND missed a ton of opportunities... not just any opportunities, but ones I ALMOST bought into... I missed a 100x rise in Blackcoin (early 2014), a 50x rise in Fuelcoin (late 2014), I almost bought Ethereum between $1 - $5....

I read about Steem before Steemit.com was created, and just let it slide...

Meanwhile I spent meager btc holdings on a PC, office supplies, etc

I bought EOS at a price 6x more than I needed to pay, along with not selling on highs in January which could have wiped out all of my debts and put me on solid ground. I'm still holding and hoping for the next spike.

My career is trash and I have to struggle constantly, and the nightmare of what could have been haunts me almost every moment...

You are not alone.


I feel you man. I bought 10,000 eos day 3 of ICO - it was my first post on steem and first crypto buy ,and sold it all after a few weeks because it went up to $6.00 then went down t $2.00 andI couldn't handle the volatility. A few months later it dropped to .50 and I could have bought the same $20,000 position for $5000, but I was so jaded by eos, I didn't. I thought I was a genius at the time, because I saved myself $15,000, who knew it would 50X after that. I live on the streets now, 10K EOS could have bought me a house in todays dollars. I don't have a job at all or even the ability to feed myself. I am sorry you are struggling, persistence is key. I am pretty sure EOS will be the death of me. Instead I reinvested everything in Late December and lost it all. Some people are meant to lose I guess

Ok, I don't know where to begin with this. Because I am one of those longer term crypto people, but I am by no means rich from it. Back in the day we all thought this shit could disappear over night so we used any and every excuse under the sun to convert it and spend it as fast as possible. I officially gave up on crypto after the Mt. Gox crash and left for 4 years. I was pleasantly surprised to come back to a bit of capital that I hadn't realized I still had on the computer.

What I have seen is this; the people who have been burned and burned bad leave the space entirely, they are weak and infuriated and feel cheated. So you are proving more resilient than they are for one. And I know of one person who I have met personally who went all in during the spike, he kept telling me its the future, dude seemed brainwashed, he had sold cars and remortgaged and everything. I tried to tell him this was a bad idea, he is actually the reason I even went looking for my old crypto, I didn't know what the price was doing before that.

He friended me on facebook and we had some diacussions for a while, but when the price continued to fall he went dark and super bitter and unfriended shortly there after. So like most people burned, he disappeared. Thats why you dont see them. Thats also why I try to encourage you so often, you are battling through it and showing far more strength in adversity than most. Hang in there, you'll come out on top.


Thanks for the story man. I am really bitter, I am usually the least violent person I know. But after this experience, I dream of finding people who made it huge is crypto and doing terrible, terrible things to them - mostly the founders of BCCX who literally just took my entire $5000 and gave me nothing. There is this one Chinese guy on youtube - decentralizedtv, he always films in his garage with his lambo and other car, I remember BCCX was such a joke to him, he was laughing and joking around and his demeanor alone convinced me that I had to buy bccx, because I want to prove him wrong so badly. I guess he was right. You would think that eventually that everyone would be wrong at a point, but I guess not.

Some days I wish I could disappear. I originally came back to crypto, because I was trying to turn $40,000 or so into $50,000 - after reading so many stories about people turning $10,000 into $300,000, I thought it would be easy. But crypto is all about timing. If I had waited 3 months - which is imposable because I would have spent the money elsewhere, I have this sickness where I have to spend money the second I have it, I would be up 3X right now. Both times I tried buying into crypto in 2017 it was weeks before a huge crash. I first tried in June then we had the huge crash in July. Then I tried again in late December, then Jan 2018 hit. Its almost like someone is watching me, making sure I cant succeed . LOL I don't have anything left to invest, so I guess that wont happen again.

I am sorry to hear about your loss and am happy that you have been able to make some money. I surely wish I listened to everyone that was telling me it was a bad idea. But I wanted to prove my dad wrong so badly, I guess once a loser, always a loser lol. Thank you for your support

I'm sure there are tons more. Probably more that lost than those that actually gained. People tend to talk about it more when they win.