The #1 rule for success : plan the s**t out of your life - The French Londoner Productivity Hacks #1

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You got a dream. You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.
Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

Have you ever wanted something so big that you felt discouraged to start doing something about it?

As a Steemian like yourself, I want more for my life than just what it is today, right?

Since I’ve been 15, I dream of moving to the other side of the big pond called the Altantic ocean. It’s been there for as long as I can remember wanting something. Most of the things I have done in my life have the picture of this ultimate goal on the background. One day, I’ll go live in America, and I’ve never been closer to this dream than today.

You got one life, use the time you have to make it extraordinary. And to do so, you’ve got to do things differently than the average. My above the average actions start with planning!


Pic by rawpixel

I plan things out, every day, every week, every month, always with myself in mind first. It’s not selfish, it’s productive! Why? Because I can only have an impact on my actions before even considering the actions of others. As much as I hate the “lead by example” nonsense my parents gave me throughout my childhood and teenage years, part of it is true. To change things and make them happen, it starts from you. You wanna make change happen, start with yourself.

To get closer to what I want out of my life, I’ve got to get clear on what I want and why. For that I do plan every weekend some self reflecting time. I use an amazing tool called Passion Planner. It’s a planner/diary/coach which has helped me tremendously to keep my focus where I need to have it, and has me moving forward ever since. It’s been 3 years since I started using it, and I cannot help but to recommend it to anyone who wants to gain clarity in his/her life.

Pic by Me

Passion Planner - Out with 2017, bring on 2018 the Golden year- Pics by @frenchlondoner

I start by planting the scenery with some brainstorming about what I want and why I want it. To know your “why” makes you more emotionally linked to it. The more you add emotions to the mix, the more you can get closer to it. I usually do this vision exercise every 3 months in a neutral but beautiful place, so the emotions I get out of the experience are rich and positive. Last time, I did it in 86 Champs, a place where the vibes were so good I actually wrote an article about it!

Once I get emotionally pumped up, I choose 1 dream of mine to work on for the next month. I start then decomposing the vision I have into goals, and smaller goals, and even smaller goals until they become tasks. I just need to put them in my schedule, with the rule of not adding more than 3 tasks per day, so it stays achievable, but not overly stressful, and so, for the next month also.

Pic by ME

Passion Planner - Arthur et Juliette - Pics by @frenchlondoner

At the end of the week, I take time to review my doings, achievements, and plateaux. I reschedule my week ahead with that in mind, and make changes when necessary.
After a month, I review the whole thing, check if I have reach my goal and tune into my feelings to see if I am getting closer to my dreams. I celebrate my achievements, usually with a nice piece of cake and a fabulous cup of tea. I pick another goal off of my list and schedule its affiliated tasks onto the next coming weeks.

After three months in the process I review it all and start again, adjusting the vision I have of my dreams to what I value the most in life for me. I repeat the brainstorming process, the goals breakdown and the scheduling.

Pics by Me

Passion Planner - La Rotonde de la Muette - Pics by @frenchlondoner

Seems tidious? yes it is. Time consuming? Oh yes! But since I spend more time planning, I spend less time doing, and I am more productive than ever. Why? Because what does take time is the thinking process. Once you’ve done the thinking, doing things becomes easier, and you progress faster.

I’ve never been closer to my goals than today, and, above all things, I have never been so happier about myself and my life than now. And I am happy to pay the price of these choices today so I can enjoy the results in the months to come. I see things moving forward for me, with me, and thanks to me and my actions.


Pic by Julio Casado

To get to what you want is not easy thing. It requires sacrifices, like the ones I make every week so I get closer to where I wanna be, ultimately, as a person. I thrive to become the person I am today, every day, from the moment I wake up to the time when I turn off the light and go to sleep. It has become part of my DNA, my way of functioning.

Planning is the way I have to project my dream, my vision. And no matter what the others think or say, they’re not the one who’re gonna make my dreams come true for me. I’ve got to go get them myself, with the help of others, but out of my own initiative. If you wait for the good times to come and get things done, better die now. So get moving, start planning, and live the dream you always had in your mind for yourself.

And if you like this post, vote for it, resteem it, and comment on it. And remember, life’s too short not to share the good stuff that comes with it!!!

Until next time... (got to go back to my Sunday planning session ;)

The French Londoner


Great words done well
Planning and hard work is the key to success
There is no shortcut
Thank you for sharing your experience with us

God help those who helped themselves. Planning and hard-work is the key of success.

Thank you for your message @asif-raza. I couldn't agree more. :)

Planing is really important but I think you should find a way not to overextend planing...

Hi @h3ck02g. Thanks for your message. What do you mean by " do not overextend planing?"

You are right I think planning goes hand in hand with the consistency of nature and passion ..if all of such key elements work together I think you are 80% near to your #goals... if we are determined I think ways automatically starts to show ... other 20% is the luck I guess : ) ..and its a good news for unluckier too :D you can still dominant it by your hard work .. #keep sharing such positive posts ... its a fuel like for life : )

Success is 80% psychology and only 20% action, that's why planning is so important. It helps channeling great energy for a better success rate. :) Thank you for your message and your support. It means a lot. :)

yah right but I have seen a lot of people in my life even myself sometimes , who plans a lot like planning and planning but are not working in a way they should be doing so, passion is really important too . I am looking forward to your coming positive posts : ) @frenchlondoner thank you so much , means a lot too : )

Very good article. Just what I needed to read now.

Thank you so much @betterday. I'm glad I could help you out. :)

planning is a great way to spend ur entire life but you shouldn't over think over it

Hi @muhasib. Thank you for your message. The idea is not to overthink, but to keep focusing on the right goal, one goal at the time. With focus comes clarity. :)

You have written it on a good context but all we should is not to just plan in accordance with our results. We should be easy for undesired results too.. But we shouldn't be losing hope is the best lesson

I think we should plan according to the results we want, but understanding that the journey might not be happening as planned. Every path lead to Rome, appreciate the journey and remember where you are heading. :) Thank you for your message @tasauver

Yea exactly that's my point hope, jus remember where we are heading @frenchlondoner

Perencanaan sangat penting tapi saya pikir ada harus menemukan cara untuk tidak merencanalan terlalu banyak

Halo! Terima kasih untuk pesan Anda. Perencanaan adalah kunci sukses seiring dengan kerja keras. Namun, perencanaan perlu strategis agar tidak terlalu memaksakan diri. Langkahnya kecil namun teratur secara strategis. :) (terima kasih google translate :D)
=> Hello! Thank you for your message. Planning is the key to success along with hard work. However, planning need to be strategic not to overwork yourself. Small but regular steps in a strategic way. :) (thank you google translate :D)

This is a life saver. I have been lazy, just like you, I want something bigger, something better but I get overwhelmed along the way. I am definitely going to use your approach and stick to it. I know it's no small task as discipline is needed to accomplish stated goals but I am going to do this. This I promise myself, thanks for this lift-up article. Please where can I get Passion planner ?

Hi @seento. I'm so glad I could help you with this post. You can find Passion Planner online with the link in the post, or on :)

this is a very good post friends

I love your quote at the beginning of your post, I think we should be motivated to fulfill our dreams and never give up. Our success depends on us. Have a great day!

Thank you so much @allesia. Have a fabulous day too!

planning is the basic building block of every project

Couldn't have said it better @shabab1 :) thanks for your message.

You have to plan ahead in life to get anywhere in life. but for me i find if i plan anything, then most of the time something happens to my plans..Good job on your post i enjoyed reading it

I did find from experience, not to aim to perfection but thrive for excellence. Not all days will be as you imagined them to be, nonetheless, plan small, regular things everyday, rather than big changes and challenges. So things can happen to your day without your goals going off track. :) I'll keep posting about productivity, and goal setting so stay tuned ;)

Excellent read. I might give Passion Planner a try in the future. Thanks for writing this up

Thank you so much @thewritelife. Let me know what you think about it. You can try it for free on their website. :)

Nice blog post. Thanks for the motivation to keep planning my life :)

Greetings from Germany

Thank you @cryptowani. I am happy to have inspired you to get a greater life for yourself.

There is much truth in this mental process, BUT it can lead you only as far as to a certain point. You will fulfill your goals, more or less, but the price is heavy. Too much planning or thinking leads to mental breakdown, depression and frustrating.
What's your ultimate goal? Isn't it to be content and happy in life? There's a better and more rewarding way to achieve that. Without the high price that setting goals and tasks bring.

Hi @nomad-magus. Thank you for your message and your concerns. It is possible to live a well planned life without going through overwhelming thoughts and mental challenges. I keep being productive without the stress coming from self-inflicted expectations. Got a post planned about it in a few days. :)

My point is that mental planning can get you only to a point. If one wants to jump the chasm, fly and soar above the human condition one must relinquish control. Anyways, good luck to us all 👍

Good luck to you too. :) And thank you for sharing.

Bien réfléchir, écrire ce qu'on va faire et faire ce qu'on a écrit.
Bonne chance pour ton grand projet.

Merci @perpeper. J'y travaille. :)

I have never been good with writing down plans, but I know what I want and it is on my mind day and night and that is what drives me every day to work hard for everything and never give up.

Keep the faith, @horydub. By writing your vision and your goals, you are materialising what is possible for you and somehow making yourself accountable for it. It's a scary but powerful process. I'm sure you'll get there, eventually. :)

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hi i love your article and i m also a fan of planing what we are going to do in the future. i posted your article on my top 5 posts you can take a look there

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Excellent work...! Thank You for sharing this on steemit!

Thank you @rizwan-anjum for your message. Sharing is everything. :)

Thx for the article: you basically cannot achieve anything until it's all planned out!

That's interesting. My question is, do you manage to stay disciplined all the time? How do you do that?

I've started using BulletJournal a few years ago, but I keep modifying it towards less and less planning and more go with the flow.

I know that no solution fits all, so I'm curious more about your background and how do you manage the discipline and willpower part. Thanks. :)

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