When Ideas become ideals

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It is normal to want or fear certain outcomes.
It is normal to form ideas that may influence those outcomes.

I notice that my beliefs come with a physical tension, a readiness for reaction.
Where as ideas float more freely, I love improving, updating and integrating them, testing them in real time.

This to me is playfulness, it has a physical component and produces all sorts of unexpected but measurable results. Because they can be experienced, they are shareable, that is a lot of fun.

When I compare that to my beliefs, which are also normal but seam to come with a heavy price-tag.
When my hypothesis,( idea to be tested) becomes an opinion, I become more stupid and reactive.

I find that my beliefs and meanings become non-updatable stories that create powerful emotions, they program me.
An idea that I picked up, for advantage becomes my own conditioning.

To play with an idea may bring creativity and more choice.
To believe it, removes my freedom to choose my emotions.

I can test my ideas, but not my beliefs.

Even a "good" belief, if it is inflexible, will eventually make me tense and upset. If it matched reality perfectly, then would I even need it?

No healthy person enjoys being controlled for long, by their own beliefs or by those of others.
That is exactly what beliefs do to me, they take away my choice, my vision and my ability to focus.

My intention is to share results rather than opinions.
I have found that ideas excite me, while beliefs upset me.

Pity I had to be such a jerk, to learn this more deeply.
I hope it makes sense, so that maybe you don’t have to 🙂


When ideas are excellent then they lead to human improvement. These are the best people to distinguish from​ others.

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