Signs Life Is Testing You High..!!

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Do you feel stuck like hell like your efforts are not paying off, no matter how hard you are trying? Like you have to take a 2 step back each time you are making a move forward? Do you feel you are not getting the fruit of all your past karmas, and the situations in life are only going worst for you?

Do you feel everyone or everything is going against you, and people are starting to misunderstand you regularly? Like your loved ones are questioning your self-worth and leaving no chance to bring you down and shaken your confidence? Like you have to prove yourself continuously to stand with the world right now?

Do you feel there’s opening no door ahead despite you doing a lot of hard work in life? Like you are busy just for the sake of it? Like you regret the mistakes you unintentionally did in the past? Do you feel ditched by the one whom you loved from the core of your heart? Like you fought for someone’s happiness in the past, and now the same person is not fighting for you back when you are at the worst of life?

Do you feel someone whom you once loved dearly in the past is not that much worthy of your love? Like you are the most kind-hearted, loving, compassionate person in the world, and the rest of the world is just taking advantage of each other to fulfill individual needs? Do you feel there is no one by your side except that 1-2 people upon whom you rely?

Do you feel there’s nothing more powerful in the world than praying the Almighty? Like you are all messed up in careers, in relationships, in jobs, in business, in financial problems, and life? Do you feel left with almost nobody by your side, and that particular thing is bothering you to the core, giving you anxiety attacks, and taking the shit out of you?



Do you feel people are looking at you like you are the worst person on Earth whose existence does not have any meaning? Like people are looking at you like you are no one and you did a sin in some near past that’s not acceptable and forgive able?

Do you feel you end up with no work to do each time you start something to do to feed yourself, your family, to fulfill the luxurious demands of you and your family, to raise the standard of living to you and your family?

Do you feel you are stuck like the person who loves you is not in that much power to prevent you, and to grow in life, you have to get over the person who is trying to put a web on you each time you make a move ahead?

Do you feel fear to face the crowd, and a weird uneasiness runs deep down your soul as you see the other person be it your neighbor, relative, cousin, friend, or even any of your parents? Do you feel as if keeping your mouth a little less open in front of the other people will only save you at the moment?

Do you feel silence is the best cure at the moment for all your problems, and it will only help you come out of the present unforeseen circumstance gracefully? Do you feel heavy in the heart as if that as soon as you’ll lose a grip over it, you’ll break down to unknown pieces?



Do you feel guilty for saving the wrong ones in the past? Do you feel lost amidst fighting for the right in life? Like you are stuck where now you cannot even fight for the genuine in your life? Do you feel you are confused between right and wrong in life? Like you are a nice person and want to do only right in life, speak the truth no matter what, no matter what cost you have to pay for it?

Do you feel you are living just for the sake of it? Like you are experiencing a weird dilemma in life and don’t know how you’ll get over it all? Do you feel as if you can no longer support yourself and the right in life even if the wrong ones are coming in the limelight? Like, you have to face wrong, accept wrong quietly because for the moment you cannot help it?

Do you feel you never thought this would happen to you? Like you are living a life of illusion? Do you feel free from all material obsessions and content with what you have at the moment? Like you are learning to practice non-attachment so that you have a less of suffering and pain?

However, practicing non-attachment here does not mean packing your bags and going to the Himalayas to become a saint and something like that. It means understanding the meaning of life and the importance of letting go.

Do you feel your identity is becoming rigid? Like you want to continue with the changes you are experiencing in yourself, even if it’s getting tough? Do you feel deep weak and losing the sense of self? Like you never want to feel what you are feeling?



If you are facing all these circumstances in life, don’t give up; don’t give up at this time. Here, you have to hold on, no matter how fucked up you feel at the time. Because this is the time life is testing you high. If you give up here, you don’t grow in life, and at the same time, hinder your path to become the person you were fated to be.

On the other hand, if you hold on here, you get the best gifts of life in no time, you become spiritual, you get all, you get what you want, you help others, you make others happy, you grow, you regularly move forward, and yes, here, you get all, you get life!

And as Harriet Beecher Stowe said,

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

Never give up at the worst times in life. Always keep going! No doubt, you can! Learn that it is at your worst; you get the best blessings of life. Also, you become a courageous person forever like never before.



Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3


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