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And with this, I remember a famous quote by Mother Teresa,
"A day lived without doing something good for others is a day not worth living."


You already know why it is crucial to do good. There are no hidden secrets to doing good deeds in life. Whether you call it random acts of kindness, giving a helping hand to someone in need, forgiving someone, they are very inspirational. They give you positive vibrations deep inside your soul and enable you to feel a better person in life. Also, that is the reason why almost every culture and religion talks about the benefits of doing good deeds and rewards, values associated with the performance of good deeds.

There are a plethora of reasons for doing good deeds and making someone happy with your gestures. Some may sound obvious to you while you may not have considered some in life. Here in this article, take a brief overview of the many benefits associated with performing good deeds. You already are a very kind-hearted and generous person. This article will give you more insights into the power of doing good deeds and encourage you to do more than you were doing before:

1. Happiness

Someone said it very right,
"If life makes you happy, it is the result of good deeds."

Imagine a day spent with children in orphanages. Imagine a day you distributed gifts to the underprivileged children. Imagine a day they smiled and laughed because of you. You feel good, correct? It brings a smile on your face, right? Your life seems to fill with immense joy and happiness, and that's the beauty of giving and doing good deeds! You feel out of the world, you feel like you have everything, and you feel blessed.

Once you start to believe in the power of doing good deeds, you find it addictive, what you have been looking for so far, and also helps you find peace within.

2. Help Yourself

Dodie Smith said it very right,
"Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression."

Doing good is the best way to combat depression, have a sense of purpose, minimize stress, and keep you mentally stimulated. It will even grow your spiritual side, which is the most crucial thing in your self-growth. You feel content, and a sense of fulfillment runs deep down your soul.

Besides, helping others also enables you to strengthen confidence and create something of value. You get a new perspective to look to things and start focus on opportunities rather than problems in life. By being a healing hand to someone, you come to know that you are not the only one doing struggles in life. Problems are part of the life of every individual on Earth. And there are many people whose life struggles are even worse than yours.

3. Karma Theory

Sakyong Mipham said it very right,
"Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously suffering results."

Well, who on Earth is not aware of the Karma theory? Almost everyone knows the true definition of Karma. It says whatever you do comes back to you eventually. If you do good, good will come to you. And if you do wrong, wrong will come to you. So, you must always focus on doing good and that too, without any selfish desires. You may not enjoy the fruits of your good deeds immediately, but when you get, you'll be spellbound and have an inner desire to do good even more.

4. Make Money

Muhammad Yunus said it very right,
Making money is a happiness. And that's a great incentive. Making other people happy is a super-happiness.

Imagine a day you got an off from work and decided to spend time with children in orphanages, volunteering for a cause, donating to a charity. You gave up watching your favorite movie in the theatre and hanging out with friends and went to serve a meaningful purpose. In this way, ultimately, you built your reputation as an honorable person and strengthened your self-worth. You feel confident, powerful, and proud of yourself, and present yourself as someone worth promoting, hiring, and giving opportunities. When you be a generous, kind-hearted, sympathetic soul, the world, in turn, be generous to you.

Stand up for a social cause, and enjoy perks like free publicity, the tax deduction for charity donation, acquire skills and training so that you confidently get a job. Be a helping hand to someone in any way, and then see how life turns out to be better for you!

5. Make The World A Better Place To Live In

Scott Sorrell said it very right,
"You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person."

You automatically come to the category of distinct people when you decide to do something good for society. People like you change the world for the better. However, it doesn't mean you can only do big things and bring a change in the world. Even your little act of kindness can do a lot. You can spend time with the children in orphanages, with your parents, grandparents at home, you can give books to the children who cannot buy, help fund research for a disease, give woolens to the beggars on-street, or anything. Even a little can make a big difference, improve society, and set an example before people to do good. You have to start!

Hope you all enjoyed the post..

Much Love<3<3<3


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